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Looking for creative inspiration and ideas for
your bead jewelry designs that will give
you an edge in the market place?

Here you will find cutting edge techniques and ideas to excel your bead jewelry designs and marketing skills.

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This site is full of ideas and resources to expand not only your jewelry marketing skills but also help to develop your jewelry designing skills. Join in some of our discussion forums; ask questions, answer questions, share tips and stories. The idea here is to help and be helped. Home Based Jewelry business.

The biggest challenge for any jewelry designer is finding inspiration for new designs. Throughout this site you will find hundreds of ideas and tips to inspire you to design and create new jewelry pieces and how to add a creative flair to your designs that will give you an edge in the market place.

My name is Gloria-Jean Browne and the following articles will assist you in learning to enhance your beading designs and beadwork creativity, with ideas and tips from making jewelry that will sell to finding new creative ways to market your jewelry. And if you haven't started selling your designs yet, then make sure you check out the articles on how to start a home based jewelry business.

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Jewelry Business & Design Blog
The Jewelry Business and Design Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the beading-design-jewelry.com Web site. Subscribe here.

How to Build A Jewelry Website
Learn how to build a jewelry website that maximizes profits, an e-business that you can work from home. You'll find a lot of tips, examples, and links to useful tools, services and resources, which teach you how to build a website in 10 easy steps.

85 Reasons I Love Solo Build It!
Here I explain in detail the 85 Reasons WHY I Love Solo Build It! and how it has helped me to rank in the top 1% of over 100 million websites on the Net.

How to Design Your Own Jewelry
Learn the art of jewelry design using the elements and principles of design including color theory, texture and balance. The importance of quality and the design process.

The Art of Color for Bead Jewelry Designers
Learning the art of color is a fascinating journey. In this section you'll learn about color theory and how color is made, how to use the color wheel to create stunning color combinations and the meaning and symbolism of color.

Bead Jewelry Designs - Inspiration and Innovation
Need inspiration for your bead jewelry designs? Here you'll find new ideas for your jewelry designs that will give you an edge in the market place.

Bead Jewelry Making - Mastering the Production Process
When bead jewelry making is your business, the two biggest profit factors to consider are the material and labour costs. Learn how to increase your profits significantly by controlling these two costs

Start a Home Based Jewelry Business From Home Selling Jewelry
Starting a business from home can be rewarding and profitable, Whether you're a weekend dabbler or a full-time jewelry designer, there's money to be made from your skills.

Promoting Your Home Based Jewelry Business:

Who are you? What do you do? What is special about your product? Tips on how to 'educate your market' about you, your products and your jewelry business.

Pricing Jewelry For Profits
Are you pricing your jewelry for the biggest possible profits? Learning how to price your products or service properly is the key to profitability and requires much thought as well as computation. In this collection of articles we'll learn how to determine jewelry prices, the various costs involved, the psychology of pricing and how to increase profits.

How to Sell Jewelry: A Guide to Marketing and Selling Beaded Handmade Jewelry
Learn how to broaden your sales opportunities through alternative approaches to marketing and selling beaded handmade jewelry.

Selling Your Design Jewelry at Craft Shows
How to succeed at craft shows, how to find them and what to look for when selecting one. What you must do when applying to a juried show and get accepted!

Displaying Jewelry To Sell
Displaying jewelry at craft shows must be distinctive enough to turn browsers into buyers. Learn the techniques of booth design and the effective use of display fixtures.

Selling Jewelry On The Internet
This section features articles about selling jewelry on the internet. You will learn about selling jewelry on your own website, how to sell jewelry on ebay and how to sell jewelry through social networking.

Market Bead Jewelry Kits and Designing Skills
Discover how you can make big profits from your specialized know-how selling bead jewelry kits, your own bead jewelry pattern and teaching jewelry making workshops.

Beading Resources and Books
I will be constantly adding new resources that will help and guide you with starting and running your home jewelry business, as well as books, magazines and resources for inspiration and teaching you new techniques and jewelry making skills.

Beading Design Jewelry Contact
If you have any questions or comments about anything you've read on this site, I'm happy to hear from you. I value your input. It helps me to build a site that meets your specific needs.

About Me: An Entrepreneurial Spirit
I have had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was 15, have had 4 home businesses, exhibited in almost 100 craft shows, had 2 retail stores including a bead shop and served 20 years in the Armed Forces.

Home based Jewelry business.

BEADS - Coming Soon!
"Every bead tells a story." As a bead jewelry designer you need to know your product and the materials used to create your designs. Knowing the history, symbolism and lore of beads, as well as the manufacturing process, and what makes a particular bead special will not only help finding design ideas but can also be used as a selling feature for your bead jewelry designs.

Home based Jewelry business.

Can't find that perfect bead to make your bead necklace design dazzle? Want your bead jewelry designs to be totally original? Handcrafted beads will make your jewelry designs unique. Learn the variety of techniques in how to make your own beads.

There is a lot more to beading design jewelry than just stringing beads! Learn about the various stringing materials available and the different ways you can use them in your designs. Cool components can add that extra pizazz in your jewelry and learning the different ways to end your piece will help create a stunning design that will sell. You will also find lots of stringing techniques and ideas to get your creative spirit thinking.

Home Based Jewelry business.

Wire jewelry making can take your design ideas to another level. Making wire wrapped jewelry... Learn how to use wire and beads to embellish pendants and focal beads. You will find articles on different wire jewelry techniques such as wire sculpture, wire art, wire twisting, free form wire weaving, how to use a wig jig and how to use wire to make your own findings.

Home Based Jewelry business. Home Based Jewelry business.

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