A Passion For The Sea

by Maria Hansford
(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

Ocean Memories

Ocean Memories

Ocean Memories
Ocean Memories

This necklace is made with vintage coral beads and semi-precious stones. I stringed them together with clear glass droplets. The effect is that of shining drops of sea water on the coral. A little silver fish pendant is the catch of the day!

Art has always been my favourite way of exploring the world, of inwardly processing new experiences.

The power of light, colours and shapes has always charmed me.

My jewels, mostly but not exclusively made with semiprecious stones and glass beads, are the tools with which I represent the beauty and harmony we can still find around us.

Each peace is unique: designed with love and artistic passion, professionally made with care and attention to details.

I believe that my mission as an artist is accomplished whenever I succeed in touching the soul of other human beings with the caress of beauty.

I was born in Genoa, a sea town in the North of Italy.
I pursued my artistic education admiring and studying the rich Italian cultural heritage, innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship.

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