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In this Issue of Jewelry-olgy:

    *New Jewelry Business & Design Tips: Nine inspiring new articles

    *Feature Article: The Secret to a Profitable Home Jewelry Business

    *Your Jewelry Photo Gallery: Everyone is invited to join in and show off their creativity!

    *Great Jewelry-Related Website: How To Make Beaded Jewelry

    *Online Jewelry Business Resource: Crafts Fair Online

    *Recommended Reading: Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth

New Jewelry Business & Design Tips and
Techniques from My Website:

The Dawn of Jewelry
Suzanne Macquire discusses how jewelry started along with the first materials used to make jewelry.

The Importance of Quality
Discover Why The Importance of Quality should be the basis of your reputation.

How to Give Your Jewelry Designs a Personality That Sells
Are you a jewelry designer who markets your own handmade jewelry line? If so, it can sometimes be beneficial to step back and take a fresh look at your jewelry designs

Celebrating Your Uniqueness
Discover how one of the best ways to promote your business and to stand out from the crowd is by uncovering what is truly unique about your business and celebrating it.

Inspirational Jewelry - Wear Your Beliefs!
Suzanne Macquire discusses the impact inspirational jewelry has on the physical as well as mental wellbeing of individuals.

2008 Fashion and Bead Jewelry Trends
It's a new year and it's time to start looking at the upcoming 2008 Spring and Summer Bead Jewelry trends!

Tips for Photographing Jewelry
You don’t need to be a photographer, or have an expensive studio to take good quality photos of your jewelry.

The Importance Home Business Insurance
Do you have adequate home business insurance? Here are considerations for determining your home based business insurance needs, and tips for getting the best deal.

Lead Poisoning From Jewelry - How to Avoid It
Elena Zharina discusses how to avoid lead poisoning in jewelry.

Your Jewelry Photo Gallery:

This is new section on my website, a place where you can submit your pictures and proudly show off your jewelry designs to the world. Everyone is invited to join in and show off their creativity!

Feature Article:

The Secret To A Profitable Home Jewelry Business

The secret to a profitable home jewelry business is not only designing and making jewelry that you enjoy, but also designing jewelry items that are salable and have a strong market demand for.

In order for your jewelry designs and your home jewelry business to be successful, you must know the market you intend to sell to--you must do some market research.

Most jewelry designers make a habit of making what they want to make, then try to find people to buy it. If you sell your jewelry just for the fun of selling, then you probably won't require any market research. But if you're serious about selling — and want to make money — you should make every effort to find out what the marketplace wants or need, then, try to produce it. If you expect to make a living from your jewelry, you must not only have a quality product, but you must also design what is marketable.

Market Research For Your Jewelry Business

There is a great deal of competition in jewelry, and to succeed you must know what you're doing. If you fail to grasp the importance of such things as market research, record keeping and promoting your home jewelry business, you will likely not make any money selling your jewelry.

Many jewelry designers think that market research is only for big companies with big budgets, while all they want to do is make and sell a few handmade jewelry items. If you only plan to sell a few items then there is probably no need to bother about researching the market.

But if you want your home jewelry business to succeed and make substantial profits, then you must sell your jewelry in significant quantities. In order to sell in significant quantities you have to know the market, you have to know what people want to buy, you have to know where these people are, how to reach them, and how to let them know about you.

You will have to narrow your target customer, because your jewelry designs and home jewelry business are so personal you will not aim to sell to everyone, unless you plan to invest in big advertising campaigns. If you try to cater to what everyone wants then your market is too open and competition stiff.

Everyone has different tastes and you won't be able to satisfy them all, so you must work to develop the markets where your ability and designs will be appreciated — markets that fit you and your jewelry. Once you have learned which group of buyers is drawn to your work, you must then aim your designs specifically at pleasing that group.

As part of your market research you will need to know what is the profile of your typical customer (i.e. age, sex, location, interests, style, etc.)? In investigating your potential customers, you must consider WHO will wear your jewelry.

In finding the answers to these questions ask yourself: Who do you think would probably buy YOUR jewelry, or who are you making your designs for? For example do you want to reach sophisticated, or professionals? Young and funky? Everyday or party wear? What about bridal or prom jewelry?

Know Your Competition

Also in your market research you NEED to know what your competition is doing. You will learn more about what is selling where, to whom, and at what prices by carefully observing the competition. Once you have an idea of what you want to make, surf the net, attend as many shows, go to as many stores, and seek out as many other points of sale as you can for the same style of jewelry as you wish to market.

Then ask yourself: Can customers easily get what YOU make from someone else, perhaps at a lower price than what you would have to charge to make a profit? Is your jewelry unique or is the market already saturated with the style of jewelry you want to make? Like I said earlier COMPETITION IS STIFF so your designs have to be unique, they have to be different!

Identify Your Customers

Once you have identified who your customers are, or to whom your jewelry is appealing, you can then cater to the taste of this typical customer and seek the best ways to reach him or her.

The next questions now are: How do you plan to distribute your jewelry to your customers (i.e. craft shows, wholesale to retail outlets, specialty shops, your studio shop, holiday boutiques, party plan, website, etc.)? How will you inform customers about your jewelry?

Market research can be very important in helping you to avoid later disappointment. If you investigate beforehand, you will find that your efforts at marketing will have a much better chance for success. When you know what is happening in the jewelry business, you can see how your products fit into the picture and make changes accordingly.

You should always be finding new ways to reach potential customers with your jewelry designs and new ways to keep repeat customers buying.

People's tastes and wants and needs are constantly changing, and you have to be aware of these changes at all times.

You will have to consistently make sure that your are presenting the right product in the right way to the right market at the right time. That's the only way make your home jewelry business successful and to make sales grow!

Featured Jewelry-Related Website:

For a great site to learn everything you want to know about bead jewelry making with step by step illustrated instructions and lots of free projects, check out Marlize Kasselman's site:

She explains and demonstrates basic jewelry making and wire techniques, she also shares great information on buying supplies and about the various beading tools to use. And of course she has lots of necklace, bracelet, earring and phone charm projects to get you going.

Online Jewelry Business Resource:

Crafts Fair Online

The Crafts Fair Online is the oldest and largest directory of crafts oriented sites on the web. They offer organized links to thousands of individual crafter's web sites as well as craft web malls, crafts organizations, supplies, listings of real world shows, craft publications, crafts newsgroups, instruction, software and more. In The Crafter's Web Development Center they offer all the information and resources crafts people need to create their own independent web sites.

Recommended Reading:

Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth

Rena Klingenberg's book "The Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth" is a must read for anyone who desires to succeed at selling their jewelry at craft shows and fairs.

It captures the reader from the very start, and is practical, inspiring and motivating. It makes the reader realize that selling their beautiful creations is not so difficult when you have her new guide at your side.

She offers expert tips and techniques and explains to you exactly what to do and how to do it, and why you should; leaving no stone unturned. After reading this 176 page guide, you are prepared properly to succeed at your show.

You can be successful and make money selling your jewelry after reading this very valuable and informative guide.

Learn from someone who has already succeeded and shares her experience with you! A very valuable asset for all beaders, jewelry makers and crafters.

What you'll Learn in this Book:

Section 1 - The Paperwork Stuff

  • Sales Tax and Business License Requirements for Shows -
    How Much Sales Tax Do You Charge?; What Licenses and Permits Do You Need for Shows?; Tax and Paperwork Issues at Shows in Other States; Don't Be Scared of Paperwork!
  • Jewelry Business Insurance -
    Getting Jewelry Business Insurance Coverage; Money-Saving Insurance Tips; What Kind of Coverage Do You Need for Your Business?; Make Jewelry Business Insurance Claims Easier

Section 2 - Money Matters

  • Pricing Your Jewelry to Sell Profitably -
    Are You Pricing Your Work Too Low?; Pricing and the Perceived Value of Your Jewelry; Your Retail Pricing Should Allow You to Wholesale/Consign; Increase Your Profits by Cutting Your Costs; Make Sure You're Not Losing Money with Your Pricing; Sell More Jewelry by Offering Volume Discounts; Should You Put Price Tags on Everything?; A Tip for Selling High-Priced Jewelry; A Final Word on Pricing Your Jewelry
  • Managing Your Transactions at Shows -
    Keeping Your Money Safe; Set Up an Efficient Checkout Station; Pros and Cons of Different Types of Cash Boxes; Tips for Accepting Cash; Tips for Accepting Checks; Tips for Accepting Credit Cards; Important Tip for Processing Credit Card Transactions; Keep Your Earnings Secure at Shows
  • Prevent Shoplifting at Your Booth -
    Tactics of Experienced Jewelry Shoplifters; 8 Ways to Protect Your Jewelry Booth from Shoplifting; Another Way Your Jewelry May Disappear

Section 3 - The Jewelry Artist in Your Booth

  • Taking Care of Yourself at a Show -
    Food and Drinks; Medications; Comfort in the Summer; Your Personal Show Survival Kit
  • Whatever Shall I Wear to Jewelry Shows? -
    Clothes to Wear While Setting Up Your Booth; Your Jewelry Artist Outfit; Keeping Your Feet Happy at Shows; Are Your Jewelry Show Clothes Tax-Deductible?
  • Can You Work Your Booth Alone? -
    Tips for Doing Shows Without Help; Build Some Muscle; Be Prepared

Section 4 - Your Blueprint for Profitable Shows

  • How to Find Good Shows for Selling Your Jewelry -
    The Main Ingredients of a Bad Show; Art and Craft Show Listings; Other Free Sources of Local Show and Event Listings; 4 Important Tips for Researching Shows Online; What You Can Learn from Other Vendors; What Juried Shows Are, and How to Apply for Them; Smaller Venues - Craft Fairs, Bazaars, and Church / School Fairs; How Do You Know Whether a Show Will Be a Good One?; 7 Questions to Ask a Show Organizer Before Applying
  • How to Find Shows with No Other Jewelry Artists -
    Local Expos and Events; Your Own Shows
  • Tips on Applying for Shows -
    10 Tips for Filling Out Show Applications; Getting Good Photos or Slides of Your Jewelry Booth; Photographing Your Jewelry for Applications; Make Sure What Format of Photos the Show or Jury Requires; Other Tips for Your Application Photos; Other Considerations When You Apply for Shows
  • Profiting at Small Local Festivals
  • Your Jewelry Inventory for the Show -
    Gear Your Inventory to the Show; What Inventory Do You Need for Your First Show?
  • Prepare for Success -
    Do a Full Practice Setup at Home; Why Do the Full Trial Run?
  • How to Promote Your Booth for an Ultra-Profitable Show -
    Huge Profitability Tip; My Marketing Success Secret; Build Your Customer Mailing List; More Ways to Let Customers Know About Your Upcoming Shows

Section 5 - Manage Your Booth Successfully

  • A More Profitable Booth Space -
    Your Booth Location; The Layout of Your Jewelry Booth; Booth Layout for Outdoor Shows; Organize Your Booth Space for Profitability; Defining Your Booth Space at Indoor Shows; Plan Your Booth for Safety
  • Should You Leave Jewelry in Your Booth Overnight? -
    Some Jewelry Artists Do; Others Don't; Most Shows Provide No Loss Coverage; An Easy Solution
  • Tips for Tents and Canopies -
    Tent / Canopy Recommendations; Can You Use a Backyard Shade or Beach Umbrella?; Anchor Your Tent Securely; The Rundown on Different Tent Weights and Stakes; Sidewalls for Your Tent; Do a Practice Run with a New Tent; Sources for Tents and Canopies; How to Make Your Own PVC-Pipe Tent Weights
  • Weatherproofing Your Booth at Outdoor Shows -
    Prepare Your Tent for Sudden Inclement Weather; Weatherproofing Supplies to Have at Your Booth; Protect the Contents of Your Booth from the Weather; Protect Yourself from the Weather

Section 6 - Display Your Jewelry for Maximum Profitability

  • Your Ever-Evolving Jewelry Display
  • Designing Your Successful Jewelry Display -
    Modular Tables and Display Units; The Power of Grouping Your Merchandise; Make a Strong Impression; Displaying at Multi-Day Shows; Merchandising Jewelry as Sets; Keep Displays Well-Stocked, but Create Urgency; Should You Display Multiples of the Same Design?; The Appeal of a Simple Display System; Let the Rummaging Begin!; Tips for Extra Booth Decorations; Other Jewelry Display Tips; Acquiring a Jewelry Display Stash; Ideas for Making Your Own Jewelry Displays; Sources for Manufactured Jewelry Displays
  • Tips for Jewelry Display Tables -
    What's the Best Table for Displaying Jewelry?; The Table Height Dilemma; Jewelry Display Table Shopping Tips; Table Covers; Does the Show Have Specific Requirements for Table Covers?; Choosing Your Table Covers; Ways to Prevent Your Table Covers from Flapping in the Wind; Flame Retardant Table Covers; Home Recipe for Flame Retardant Table Covers
  • Adding Height to Your Display -
    Display Ideas for Adding Height to Your Jewelry Booth; Cautions About Do-It-Yourself Jewelry Displays
  • Lights: Your Best Friend for Selling Jewelry -
    What Kind of Lighting is Best for Jewelry?; Ideas for Lamps to Light Up Your Jewelry Booth; Recommended Light Bulbs for Jewelry Displays; Safety Tips for Adding Light to Your Booth; Transporting Your Lights; More Booth Lighting Tips
  • Banners and Booth Signs -
    A Banner for Your Booth; What Should Your Banner Say?; The Best Place to Mount Your Banner; Create Effective Signs for the Inside of Your Jewelry Booth; Where to Have Banners Made
  • Booth Flooring -
    Types of Floor Coverings for Jewelry Booths

Section 7 - The Secrets of Selling More Jewelry

(this entire 24-page section of the book contains nothing but loads of tips specifically on how to actually sell your jewelry at shows)

  • How to Sell a Lot of Jewelry in Your Booth -
    The Secret to Selling Jewelry; Tips for Interacting with Your Customers; Positive Words vs. Negative Words; Tips for Helping Your Customers Interact with Your Jewelry; Sell More Jewelry by Educating Your Customers; Interacting During the Transaction; Keep a Clean, Tidy Booth
  • Two of the Most Profitable Times at Every Show -
    Nope, I'm not even going to hint about them here - but every detail you need to know to really cash in on these two times is in the ebook!
  • One Way to Attract Customers to Your Jewelry Booth
  • Earn Big Profits from Impulse Items -
    Jewelry Items Under $20; a Profitable Add-on
  • Making Jewelry at the Show - a Big Profit Center -
    Demonstrating Your Craft; Customizing Jewelry at the Show
  • Uniqueness Sells Jewelry -
    Facets of your Business You Can Make Unique; Tips for Making Unique Jewelry that Yields More Sales

Section 8 - Fast Track to Success

  • Experiment, Evaluate, and Improve -
    What to Evaluate After a Show
  • Show Evaluation Form

Click here to learn more about Rena Klingenberg's book "The Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth"

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