Bead Jewelry Making
Mastering the Production Process

Production is the general term given to all the steps involved in bead jewelry making, from the first contact with the raw material to the finished product ready for packing and shipping.

One of the main ingredients in mastering the production process is keeping organized.

In keeping organized you need a work area that is set up to give you the most practical use of space and ease of movement, you need to maintain an accurate and reliable inventory system, and you have to use all your time efficiently and effectively as possible.

The two biggest profit factors in any bead jewelry making business are the material and labor costs. If you can control these two costs by keeping them as low as possible without jeopardizing the quality of your work, you will be able to see a significant increase your profits.

The following articles will discuss the different steps to consider to help keep your material and labor costs low and profits high when bead jewelry making.

Making & Designing Handcrafted Jewelry Tips and Tricks
This is the place to ask questions and share ideas or thoughts on both the technical and creative aspects of jewelry design. In this forum we'll also discuss and share different ideas for finding inspiration, new jewelry making tips and techniques, creating your distinct style, how to make jewelry that sells, and what to do if your jewelry isn't selling.

Your Bead Studio and Work Area
Learn how the design and setup of your bead studio and work area can contribute greatly to the satisfaction of working in it and to the efficiency in producing your jewelry for profit.

Buying Bead Jewelry Supplies Wholesale
Your jewelry-making business cannot offer competitive prices or become profitable unless you are able to buy bead jewelry supplies wholesale. This article discusses the factors to consider when purchasing materials and supplies in bulk and how to locate jewelry wholesale suppliers.

Unique Beaded Jewelry - One-of-a-kind Vs Production Pieces
You want to design unique beaded jewelry for profit, this article discusses the difference between one-of-a-kind verses production pieces and how they both are effective in making a your home jewelry business profitable.

Making Jewelry - Producing in Quantity
Making jewelry in quantity. Once you have designed some pieces and have done your marketing test to prove that they can be made and sold at a profitable price, it is time to begin to produce them in quantity.

Managing Your Jewelry Inventory for Success
Learn how managing your inventory can have a major impact on your cash flow, production schedule, and profits and how it can also be a major factor in the success or failure of your business.

The Following Articles are Coming VERY soon!

Time and Cost Card: Keeping Track of Production
It is vital and important for the success of your pricing formula to know exactly how long it takes to make a product and what material costs were used. Tips on how to keep track with a time and cost card.

Keep Your Customers Happy and You Should Succeed
One of the most important rules in any business is "Keep Your Customers Happy", because without their orders you would not be in business, not for very long anyways. Tips for making happy customers.

Jewelry Packaging and Shipping
Learn how proper jewelry packaging and shipping will ensure that your products arrive to the buyer or customer in good condition.

Hiring Employees for Your Home Based Jewelry Business
Once your home based jewelry business begins to succeed, its growth demands more time than you alone can provide. Therefore, you may have to consider hiring help. Learn what is involved in hiring employees.

Contracting Work Outside of Your Home Jewelry Business
One way to increase your output and still avoid becoming an employer is by contracting portions of your work out to others. Tips on how contracting work out can effectively expand your home jewelry business without enlarging the physical size of your business operation.

Health Hazard From Jewelry Materials and Processes
Is your jewelry killing you? A brief overview of health hazards resulting from various jewelry materials and processes, with brief note on precautions.

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Your Bead Studio and Work Area

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Unique Beaded Jewelry - One-of-a-kind Vs Production Pieces

Making Jewelry - Producing in Quantity

Managing Your Jewelry Inventory for Success

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