Packaging Your Beading Kit
and Bead Jewelry Pattern

Packaging your beading kit and bead jewelry pattern is very important and should not be overlooked. Packaging does not have to be extravagant nor expensive.

If you design more than one kit you could include a list or some photos of the other kits you offer as in the example above. This kit info was printed on 8 1/2" x 11" card stock folded in half. The picture of the project and introduction on the front and advertising for other kits on the back, with instructions for the project inside.

A sturdy clear zip-lock bag can be very effective packaging. Being clear customers can quickly examine the package contents to ensure everything is there as well as the different color of materials selected.

In designing your packaging, there are certain things you should keep in mind:

Your package should be strong and sturdy. If you use plastic bags, they should be strong enough so that the materials do not poke through the plastic. If you decide to go with a box, it should be sturdy so as not to crush when stacked or in shipping.

  • The title of the project, and the contents of the kit should be visible without having to open the package.
  • A color photograph of the finished bead jewelry design should be included with your kit. The photograph should be good quality and be the exact project the customer is going to make.
  • In using plastic bags, insert a cardboard slip into the bag to keep the package stiff.
  • If using plastic bags, be sure to have a hole punched in the top so it can be hung up in shops.
  • Another way of packaging your kits could be in the form of a gift basket. People are always looking for new gift ideas, and what better gift to give a hobbyist than a project that they can complete them themselves.

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