Beading Resources and Books

In these beading resources and books lists you will be introduced to some detailed information sources that will serve you well during your jewelry business career.

I will be constantly adding new beading resources that will help and guide you with starting and running your home jewelry business, as well as books, magazines and sources for inspiration and teaching you new techniques and jewelry making skills.

"We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge."
John Naisbitt


eBooks are a great way to order books because not only are they cheaper then print books but you can receive them immediately any time of the day or night.

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Jewelry Design Help
Jewelry design books for inspiration and techniques.

Making Bead Jewelry
Current fashion trends have made handmade jewelry extremely popular. These making bead jewelry books contain illustrated how-to techniques, full-color project photos, step-by-step project instructions, and numerous tips that enhance the styles and skills presented. Beginners and experts alike will be inspired by all the possibilities! Jewelry designers will delight in creating pieces that reveal their very own unique style.

Making Crystal Jewelry
The following books are a great inspiration for making crystal jewelry.

Making Wire Jewelry
Whether you’ve been beading for a lifetime, or just a little while the techniques in these making wire jewelry books will have you creating fashionable bead and wire jewelry taking your jewelry making skills to a whole new level.

Making Jewelry with Gemstones and Pearls
The following books are a great inspiration for making jewelry with gemstones, pearls, and other organic objects.

Making Metal Jewelry
The following making metal jewelry books are great for inspiration and learning new techniques in making jewelry with metal.

Making Mixed Media Jewelry
The following books are a great inspiration for making mixed media jewelry with different materials and found objects.

The following Book lists and Resources coming soon!


Jewelry Business and Marketing

Making Polymer Clay Jewelry and Beads

Making PMC Jewelry and Beads

Making Glass Beads

Beadwork and Beadweaving

Prayer Beads and Rosaries

Jewelry Designers

History of Beads and Jewelry


Craft Show Listings

Beads and Jewelry Making Suppliers

Bead and Craft Organizations

Jewelry and Beading Blogs

Beading and Jewelry Magazines

Jewelry Making DVD Rentals

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