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I use one of SBI!’s many tools called Brainstorm It! It is the ultimate niche-finding, brainstorming and keyword-researching tool. A powerful automator, work-organizer and time-saver, it makes the entire master keyword list child’s play.

How? It does the demand, supply and profitability for you automatically, turning hours of work into minutes, as it builds and researches an entire master keyword list for you. it even calculates the profitability of every keyword automatically. Its Find and Sort functions turn it into a powerful, high-yield tool.

Brainstorm It! (BI!) is both a creativity-booster with tremendous brainstorming abilities and a tool that saves you weeks of tedious data-gathering and keyword analysis! It has two parts, equivalent to the two sides of your brain...

  • Brainstormer -- the right side of BI!'s brain "gets the creative ideas."
  • Master Keyword List -- the left side gives you the functions to analyze and manage them.

Brainstorm It! does it all online, through your browser. No software to download. No data to save on your computer. All data is stored on your section of a master SBI! database, housed on SiteSell computers. Your data is safe and totally backed up.

What does Brainstorm It! do?

  • identifies the best Site Concept ("theme") for you brainstorms that concept to find hundreds of related topics ("keywords")

  • provides profit potential guidelines for those topics

  • helps you investigate and plan your monetization mix

  • lays out a preliminary site Content Blueprint

  • refines/optimizes your final Site Concept

  • helps you find your perfect domain name

After you have developed your theme, brainstormed your topics, planned your site, and registered your domain name, you are super-prepared in a way that few small business people ever prepare! Brainstorm It! delivers a "site map to success."

Click here to see detailed information on how Brainstormer! works.

Once I have brainstormed different keywords that I would like to use as my site concept, Brainstorm generates a master keyword list (MKL) with hundreds of potential keywords to write content about. As well as help me choose the best one(s) for my site concept.

Here is an example of the keywords that Brainstorm returned when I typed in the keyword “wire jewelry” and this is just a small example of the many keywords returned about wire jewelry (over 300):

With my Master Keyword List I can find a lot of information about different possible keywords. For example, I can quickly see which different keywords have a high demand (lots of people using that keyword as a search term) as well as how popular (Real Supply) a particular keyword is used. If supply is higher than the demand then you know that competing for that keyword in the search engines will be tough. With this MKL tool I can also see which keywords have a potential for profitability.

Click here to see all the amazing things you can do with your Master Keyword List, not only can it help you develop your best site concept but also help to write great keyword-focused content pages.

With Brainstorm It! I can also get Google Adwords results with a click of a button. And Wordtracker is included with Site Build It! so you can get both for one price.

Niche Choose It!

Niche Choose It! is a great FREE tool to use if you still can’t decide what topic to build your site around. Lets say for example, you make wire jewelry, polymer clay jewelry and macrame jewelry, but you want to focus your site concept on only one.

Niche Choose It! is decision making software. The process is based upon a classic decision-making model that we all use intuitively for easy questions or problems (ex., "Do I?" or "Don't I?" with columns of "pros" and "cons"). But that process breaks down for more complicated decisions, such as choosing the best Site Concept for your Theme-Based Content Site.

This tool builds a simple-yet-sophisticated decision matrix while you complete a step-by-step decision tree. This decision-making process organizes your thinking. Result? You choose the best Site Concept possible for your Theme-Based Content Site. Give Niche Choose It! a try, it’s free.

These Brainstorm It! tools are just one of the many reasons
why I love SBI!

Click here to see a quick video tour of how Brainstorm It! can help you build a successful site full of great keyword-focused content pages.

Brainstorm It! Video Tour


I can’t over-emphasize the importance of your Master Keyword List. Your entire site, including its most profitable directions, lies in this blueprint. If you find creating your own list (with a database or spreadsheet program) to be too daunting, and if a text list is too awkward, consider Solo Build It!’s Brainstorm It! tool.

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