Brown Wood Wire Weave Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

In this wire weave bracelet, I start by making a zig-zag pattern with copper wire for the base. You could use 18 gauge wire but 14 or 16 gauge would be much stronger and stiffer. Then with 24 gauge wire I just go back and forth across the top adding beads then wrap around the base a couple of times and continuing doing this until I am satisfied with the look.

In this cuff bracelet I used different shapes and sizes of wood beads, picture jasper, tiger eye and petrified wood stone chips, light brown color fresh water pearls, amber firepolished crystals, and copper wire.

Using a variety of different size and shapped beads gives this piece a lot of texture, also the different shades of browns in this bracelet gives it a natural, earthy, organic feel.

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