Buy It Now on eBay

Understanding and profiting from this
eBay feature

copyright by Cheryl L. Coccaro

Are you confused about using eBay's BUY IT NOW feature? Well, here is a detailed explanation of the ins and outs as both a buyer and a seller!

What is BUY IT NOW?

You can skip the online auction and get your item sooner by using BUY IT NOW. When you see the icon next to an eBay listing or see a Buy It Now price listed on an item page, you have a special opportunity to get that item right away without waiting for an online auction to end.

How to Use Buy It Now

Decide whether you're willing to buy the item for the Buy It Now price. Please remember, shipping and handling charges are not included in the Buy It Now price. You may need to contact the seller to determine the total price of the item. If the listing is a Pay Now and Buy It Now item, the seller requires immediate payment, so the shipping cost and other charges will be displayed in the listing description. Click the Buy It Now button at the bottom of the item page and enter your User ID and password. You'll see a Buy It Now confirmation message. From there, you can choose among the offered payment methods (PayPal, personal check, money order, and so forth).

If the listing is a Buy It Now item that requires immediate payment, click the "Continue to PayPal" button to start the simple payment process. Pay for the item, and the seller ships it to you.

When it's part of an auction-style listing, the Buy It Now option is only shown on listings until an item receives its first bid, or, for a Reserve Price Auction, when the reserve is met. This means that when you see an item has both a Buy It Now price and a first bid price listed, you will need to act quickly!

Note: To qualify to use Buy It Now as a buyer, you must: Have feedback greater than or equal to 10 OR Have a credit card (or debit card) on file OR ID Verify.

If you don't qualify when you click the Buy It Now button, you will be asked to do one of the above to qualify. Once you have met one of the above requirements, the listing will end automatically and you will be the winning buyer.

Pay Now and Buy It Now Option

Buy It Now is the simplest way to buy on eBay, and it's even easier when the seller requires immediate payment because the seller specifies all costs including shipping costs, and tax and insurance if applicable. You pay through PayPal with a credit card or with other PayPal funds (including a PayPal balance or a bank account), and the item is yours! Because the seller requires immediate payment before you can claim the item, be sure to get through the payment flow quickly so someone else doesn't beat you to it.

How to Find Buy It Now Items

You can easily identify Buy It Now items on category browse pages or in your search results. If you're only looking for Buy It Now items, click the Buy It Now tab on the search results or browse pages. You can narrow your search results by displaying only PayPal items. This will show you Buy It Now items that can be purchased using PayPal; these include items that require immediate payment.

Ready to buy? When a seller requires immediate payment, the item cost and other costs such as shipping are specified, so you'll know the total amount. Look for items that say the seller requires immediate payment.

Important: For Buy It Now items that have both a bid price and a Buy It Now price, the Buy It Now price will disappear one a bid is placed. So act quickly!

Next, click the Buy It Now button. If the listing is for multiple items, be sure to specify the quantity you want.

The next page tells you that immediate payment is required. Click the Continue to PayPal button to finish up the purchase. After payment is confirmed, the item is yours.

Important: Until you complete payment, another eBay user may claim the item, so be sure to finish paying for the item before you do something else.

Note that the seller may require that you use a PayPal confirmed address (typically, a mailing address that PayPal has checked against the billing address maintained by your credit card issuer). If so, you will not be able to specify an unconfirmed address when making your payment.

That's what Buy It Now is all about! I prefer using Buy It Now as a seller, because it gives you activity while all your auctions are running without having to wait for the auction end.

Cheryl Coccaro is the author of "Easy Internet Selling" and the creator of My Perfect Ear, a unique and eye-catching earring display.

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