Career & Life Path
Feng Shui Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

The Career & Life Path gua concerns itself with where we are going in life, either in our jobs or journeys through life. It influences the way you look at and live in the world. It affects the choices you make and the steps you take as you travel through your life. It also affects your ability to choose - and thrive in - work or a career that expresses who you are. Water is the element that characterizes this qua which represents the flow of life, and keeps us moving. The element metal enhances water and represents determination and is associated with both wealth and protection.

The energy from these Feng Shui beads and symbols will help you to make better choices and decisions in your life. This gua is a great one to cure if you want to enhance your career & life plan.

The colors that represent the career & life path feng shui area is black, blue for water and silver for metal.

Lapis (giving you the freedom to enjoy everything you set out to do as well as the inner peace of knowing that you are doing what you came here to do)

Sodalite (rational thinking, provides mental focus)

Aquamarine (courage and fortitude; assists with quick intellectual response)

Turquoise: (helps enhance wholesness, communicaiton and spiritual expansion)

Labradorite (stone of power & destiny; helps you to realize and achieve your destiny in this life while enhancing faith and reliance in yourself; brings forth each person?s strength to share with the world; helps find inner knowledge; reveals new opportunities)

Faceted Quartz Crystal (facilitates wisdom, clear thinking, protection; brings energy into the soul)

Black onyx (enhance inner strength and help you focus attention, willpower and reason)

Sterling Silver (the agent of balance, attracts all the energies of the other stones)

Word Charm: Life

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