Chakra Jewelry

Discover how Chakra Jewelry can help to heal the mind and body.

For thousands of years in the cultures of India, Tibet and the eastern world, the chakras have been acknowledged as gateways to our physical and mental health and well being.

Our bodies are made up of an electromagnetic energy sometimes known as the aura. The chakras are responsible for directing and distributing this energy throughout our body.

Chakras are energy points or wheels of energy embedded in everyone's aura, which is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body.

Seven major chakras are associated with the major organs within your body. Chakras, just like your physical body, can get blocked or clogged and inhibit you from receiving positive energy that keeps you healthy.

Chakras can also become overworked, tired, and under-utilized. The good part about chakras is that they can become cleansed, balanced and healed, very similar to your body's organs, but without the use of drugs or prescription medications.

In sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, the word chakra means "wheel" or "vortex", this is exactly what the chakras are, vortexes of energy. The tibetan cultures and healers saw the chakras as lotus flowers, each with a different number of petals, and each bearing its own ancient symbol, at the centre of the lotus flower was a mantra (a sacred sound). By visualizing the lotus flower, its symbol or repeating its mantra it is possible to activate and balance the chakra.

For our mind and body to function healthily, each of our chakras needs to be balanced, in other words we need to take in as much energy as we need. The amount of energy we take is effected by our lifestyle, what we eat, the amount of exercise we do, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol etc.. If we lead an unhealthy lifestyle our chakras can become blocked, not enough energy will get to parts of our body, and therefore our body will then become dis-eased.

When you cleanse and balance a chakra, the process affects five realms of healing:

* Physical * Emotional * Spiritual * Mental * Psychological

Chakra Jewelry

The following are seven bracelets one for each Chakra. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture as well as different views, and a description of each chakra and the gem stones that represent them.

Chakra JewelryChakraColorGemstones Function
7th Chakra7th
Crystal Quartz
This chakra represents our conscious and unconscious thought structures—our belief system. It crowns our whole system. This chakra is the foundation for enlightenment and the center and source of consciousness itself. It reveals divine understanding and knowledge about all situations.
6th Chakra6th
Third Eye
IndigoLapis Lazuli
This chakra represents our ability to "see" intuitively, helping us to knowingly understand situations. It allows us to see and organize the patterns around us so we can "see" our path and trust it. This Chakra is also responsible for your inner visions and ability to forgive others, psychic perception, imagination, memory, and interpretation.
5th Chakra5th
Blue Lace Agate
The Fifth Chakra affects your communications with others and gives you the ability to speak your truth. The Fifth Chakra represents our gateway to consciousness and is our center of sound, vibration, and self-expression. It is the center of dynamic creativity and friendship.
4th Chakra4th
Rose Quartz
The Heart Chakra is your center point in the Chakra system. It is the center of love. This is your core—the inner spirit that unites all the other forces above and below, within and without. Above consists of our abstract spirit, and the mental realms; below is where we have our worldly chakras. The Fourth Chakra helps us to integrate and balance the realms of mind and body. A balanced Fourth Chakra brings us a sense of wholeness and inner peace.
3rd Chakra3rd
Solar Plexus
Tiger Eye
Relates to personal power, will, and the realm of action. Through this Chakra, we reach deep into our sense of self within the universe. This fiery, solar Chakra brings us light, warmth, energy, and power. It is through our third Chakra that we feel gut reactions. We sense butterflies in our stomach, and weakness and fear when this Chakra is out of balance. This Chakra affects your intelligence and your spontaneity.
2nd Chakra2nd
OrangeCarnelian Attunes to your feelings and attitudes about love, relationships, emotional intelligence, pleasure, courage and self-confidence. The Sacral Chakra is the center of sexuality as well as emotions, sensation, pleasure, movement and nurturance. It relates to the quality of sexual energy a person feels in his/her sexual power. A balanced Sacral Chakra leads to high quality and quantity of love—mental, physical and spiritual.
1st Chakra1st
Red Coral
Grounds and balances your being. This chakra is responsible for your stability, physical health, power, prosperity and trust. A balanced Root Chakra leads to physical vitality and grounds you to live in the physical reality. This chakra is also your sexual vitality and governs the reproductive organs.

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Symbolic Meaning of Colors
Discover how the meaning of
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expression of feelings and emotions to your
jewelry designs.

Discover how
Chakra Jewelry can help
to heal the mind and body.

Discover how
Feng Shui Jewelry can help
you live a life of balance.

Attract Money, Success, Happiness and Change Your Life
with Feng Shui!

Tune your Chakras.
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