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I have been selling my jewelry for years at craft shows, flea markets, etc. I have recently taken the next step and sold at two International Gift Fairs. I was asked to design a 36 pc line of jewelry. I have no idea where to start as far as pricing, licensing, royalties, etc.

I would appreciate any feedback from someone experience in this area.

Thank you,


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Sorry, I can't give you the whole feedback about this stuff. The only thing I'm sure about is licensing. It's an obligatory procedure if you've decided. You may ask your lawyer about it as well.

Contract & Pricing for Designing NEW
by: Anonymous

Pricing, licensing, royalties, etc. are decisions you'll need to agree upon with the interested party.

A range of choices and prices may be best.

If they were my designs, I would want at least 75% commission for each piece sold, because manufacturing can be done at a very low rate.

Plus, copy cats are everywhere. Once saturated, sales may dwindle. Liability clauses are important.

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