Copper Jewelry in Action!

By Slava Diamy

Copper Jewelry is very nice-looking, but also it’s a very healthy jewelry.

Do you know much about how much copper is needed to our bodies? It’s a highly important element for balancing other elements in our body. It keeps our blood vessels elastic. It is really important for bone formation and healing, skin formation and repair.

Copper Jewelry is very good to wear with autumn-colored clothes. Yellow, beige colors are signs of soon to come winter, which always brings spring after it. Try also wearing copper beads with black t-shirt or any other dark top.

Since the dawn of civilization people used copper because of its unusual strengths. Wise people engraved prayers on copper stones or copper plates to deliver a strong message to other worlds. Is it believed that copper stimulates energy flow to itself, so when copper is on body – it helps to accumulate more energy. It also seem to help with avoiding lethargic tendencies and as a result of wearing it you may feel re-vitalized and stronger. It helps you to concentrate your thoughts.

As you might have already read – copper is absorbed through skin and has pain-relief effect, that’s why copper bracelets are so popular. It’s not an urban legend – this has medical background and some proofs from Eastern countries, where people know many things from past. Knowledge slowly fades away in nowadays if it has no big commercial value, but Eastern countries cherish comprehensive historical facts. So in a talk with a lady from East – there was a confirmation that copper jewellery has strong effect on people suffering with arthritis. Copper (especially magnetic jewelry) is known to increase blood circulation and reduce pain in muscles. Many people suffering with arthritis will not leave home without a bracelet.

Besides copper bracelets you can find some copper beads, strings, and earrings. Most of them are amazingly beautiful and not expensive, since copper isn’t a precious metal. Despite it’s dollar value – it’s very precious to our health.

Wearing jewelry made with copper you might notice green stains on your skin under the place of contact with copper. Don’t panic. It’s all right, it will come off in a day or two – it’s just copper entering your body. It usually happens in warm days. If you want to avoid it – paint inside of a bracelet with a transparent nail polish, but as you might figure out – it prevents health benefits of copper too. These stains aren’t known to do any harm for you. There are recommendations to wear copper jewelry while you are sleeping, which is time for our body to rest and to restore, that way you can wash it’s traces in morning.

Copper jewelry, like many other metals is known to tarnish over time. To clean jewelery, made from copper – just put it in a small solution of lemon or limejuice with a dash of salt, it will shine as new. Alternatively you can keep it in copper jewelry box, preventing from continuous air exposure, which causes copper jewelry to tarnish.

If you are still not convinced that copper bracelets are a great way to help your health – well – go to the nearest pharmacy and continue to buy pills helping pharmaceutical industry to grow and sell you even more.

After all – it’s not always about how it works – sometimes it’s about how it looks – and copper jewellery is sometimes amazingly beautiful. Try to find some and you’ll be amazed too!

Slava Diamy is an author of Diamy.Com - Jewelry Blog, where you can join us for a discussion of "Copper Jewelry" article and subscribe to receive new articles. Article Source: EzineArticles.

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