Creativity & Children
Feng Shui Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

The Creativity & Children gua affects your ability to look at life with a sense of humor, creativity, and joy. It helps you tap into and utilize all forms and facets of your creativity, and it affects your ability to conceive and/or get along with children. Metal is the element that characterizes this qua, it is a conductor symbolizing communication, and creative ideas. Metal is produced by Earth which is grounding and nurturing and associated with fertility.

The energy from these Feng Shui beads and symbols will help open your mind and promote creative thinking, improve your ability to relate to or conceive a child, complete a project, or to bring something into fruition.

The colors that represent the children & creativity feng shui qua area is yellow for earth and silver for metal.


Citrine (activates creativity; encourages joy, wonder, delight, enthusiasm and promotes optimism; augments happiness, pleasure, protection, strength,confidence, and comfort.)

Picture Jasper (protective; enhances creative visualization),

Moonstone (emotional balance; intuition)

Golden Lace Agate (helps lift depression, increases friendliness and happiness),

Natural Howlite (creativity, inspiration, imagination)

Riverstone (promotes freedom of will and spirit; accelerates change)

Faceted Quartz Crystal (master healing stone. A powerful energizer, providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upliftment. Emotional balancer. Enhances abilities to enjoy and accomplish the things you want in life. Surrounds one with protection by amplifying white light)

Sterling Silver (the agent of balance, attracts all the energies of the other stones)

Word charm: Create

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