Why Your Jewelry Designs Must Have Customer Appeal

Do your Jewelry Designs have Customer Appeal?

Many jewelry designers feel that the most important part of a product is it's price. Price is important, but before a customer asks how much, a tentative decision has already been made that it might be nice to have the particular jewelry piece. In other words the design has to catch the buyer's attention and appeal to him or her before they would be interested in purchasing it.

If the customer has absolutely no interest in buying or even owning your beaded jewelry design piece, it doesn't matter if it was ten dollars or one hundred dollars. Price follows the determination of need or desire to want the product.

Before a jewelry piece can be sold to a customer, it must fill a need and it must have customer appeal. As a jewelry entrepreneur you must figure how your product meets that need. Learn as much as you can about your customers, what their likes and dislikes are, what colors and styles do they prefer, what do they like to collect, what are their hobbies and interests, what is the popular mood or current trend, etc. Armed with this knowledge, you can turn on your original designs for adaption.

Is there some other use that you can fit your original design to that would better fit your customers? Is the beaded jewelry design you chose a popular item—how can you make yours a bit different and more appealing?

Changing the name of your beaded jewelry design may appeal to customers giving them not only a more unique presence but also increase the value of them. Barbara Brabec, in her book Homemade Money, suggests that by "Merely by changing the name of a common craft — and thus suggesting greater consumer benefits — higher retail prices can often be commanded."

Here are a few examples to illustrate changing the name of your jewelry:

    Crude wood carved or handcrafted beads will attract a more affluent buyer if they are called Primitives, and sold in art galleries instead of craft or souvenir shops.

    Found-art-jewelry, made from pieces of wood, bone, shell, etc. has brought higher prices in specialty stores when labeled Folkloric Jewelry.

    Replicas of antiques may be worth more in buyer's minds if they are called Authentic Period Reproductions.

No one can tell you which of the beaded jewelry design items you make will sell the best. Some market research on your part may show that there is a market for what you have to sell.

Certainly, before you build up an inventory you should be reasonably sure your jewelry designs have customer appeal and that people will want what you have to sell, and that you can price it to make a profit.

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