Design done, samples done, loads of interest, its just....

by Carmen Ruiz Perez
( Paris, France)

As my title says the design and samples are done, I have ladies of various ages wearing my samples as well as myself. Everyday that goes by I get at least 20/30 ladies/girls admiring my jewelery. Its such a great feeling that someone admires MY jewelery, what a buzz I get, its just.... What do I do now.....????????

At the moment I've just used a modeling clay which I've put in the oven, some which I've painted and some not. I've used all sorts of materials that I've used for the necklace, from fabric, silver and gold chain etc etc....
So, my questions are,
What is the best material to use for my budget.
How do i then get it made.
What companies are there out there that will help me sell my trendy design.
Is it cheaper to do all this in England or France, where I live.
Do I have to put money up front, if so how much.
I've so many questions and so excited I've gone blank, and while doing this I've just been told that a local jewelery shop would be interested in selling my design, subject to a few things !!!!!
Please help


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Design done, samples done, loads of interest, its just.... NEW
by: Anonymous

Consignment is one of the easiest ways to get your product into the market. Once you've been noticed, other shops may be interested. Try to find a new shop every year and rotate your merchandise from shop to shop.

Each shop may have different clientele. For example, in my area, we have shops visited by the wealthy, kids waiting for the school bus, tourists on a scenic highway, college kids as well as a bustling inner city with galleries and specialty shops.

To increase sales, keep track of what sells best at each shop. Prior to making your next collection, analyze your statistics.

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