Displaying Jewelry To Sell

Displaying Jewelry takes as much creativity as it does to design it!

Display Defined:
Merchandise display is the arrangement and organization of display materials and merchandise to produce a stimulus leading to the sale of merchandise and services. It attracts the viewer's attention and induces her to act; it is visual selling and acts as a silent salesperson for the business involved. Merchandise display is visual selling.

Booth Design

If craft shows are your primary marketing outlet then your booth is your shop. The importance of your displaying jewelry cannot be over emphasized.

As retailers have known for centuries, an attractive presentation of merchandise often makes the difference between sale and no sale.

A bad design or no design can cost as much as a good design. You may have to lay out a few dollars at the start; but a well planned and properly prepared unit will last for years and its cost can be amortized over many shows and fairs.

At craft shows, most craftspeople offer quality merchandise that is functional, well-designed and priced right. But what they don't offer is good booth design and well displayed crafts to show off their products to their best advantage. Too often, these important aspects of a booth's overall visual impact are overlooked. A thoughtful approach to booth design and displaying jewelry is one of the most important marketing tools jewelry designers have. Remember that you are competing against many other exhibitors at a show to attract the customers attention to your booth, therefore it should be unique and original with creativity and flair.

Your display need not be elaborate, but it should be suited to the type or style of jewelry your are selling.

Be practical when designing your booth and displaying jewelry and bear in mind that you must enhance your work not overpower it.

In the following articles you will learn how to create distinctive displays that will turn browsers into buyers:

Jewelry Display Tips Forum
Do you have any questions on displaying jewelry or some great tips and ideas to share? This forum is all about finding great ways to display jewelry.

Jewelry Display Tip #1 - Learn From Others
Before designing your jewelry display check out the competition. Discover why learning from other exhibitor's mistakes and successes will be an invaluable lesson in displaying your work to SELL.

Planning Your Craft Show Booth
It is important for you to begin planning out your craft show booth as soon as you get the dimensions of your exhibit space. Tips to consider before planning and designing your booth, including outdoor craft shows and making sure your booth is safe.

Your Jewelry Displays Must Sell - Five Steps of A Sale
Good jewelry displays should convey the message "Buy Me". Learn how to lead customers through the five steps of a sale with your display.

Booth Design: Principles of Design and Arrangement
Discover how combining the principles of design and arrangement will help you to easily create an aesthetic, effective and functional display.

Color: The Life of a Display
Find out why one of the strongest forces in stopping a potential customer and making them want an item is the effective use in a display is color.

Craft Booth Display Lighting
People buy because they see. It pulls customers' eyes to the merchandise and encourages them to buy. Learn how proper display lighting is vital to selling.

Light Sources As Selling Tools
Lighting is an important part of your selling tools because customers can be encouraged to buy with the judicious use of lamps. Learn about the different types of lamps available and how to use them to obtain a desired effect.

Designing Your Booth Using Display Fixtures
Here are some factors to consider before designing your booth so it's safe, attractive and easy to handle, especially if you plan to do many shows each year.

Demonstrating In Your Booth
Find out how demonstrating is not only a good way to keep busy and interested looking, but also how it can bring you more customers.

Price Tags and Promotional Materials
Discover the importance of price tags and how the effective use of promotional materials can help increase sales.

The Importance of Boothmanship
You are the most important element in your display, and there is no second chance for first impression. Discover the importance of boothmanship to impress your customers with your personal and professional image.

How to Prevent Shoplifting at Your Jewelry Booth
Learn how to prevent shoplifters from stealing your jewelry right out of your booth.

Common Errors in Displaying At Craft Shows
Learn how to avoid some of the common errors in displaying at craft shows that could decrease the effectiveness of your booth, and thus, not attract the customers attention.

The Following Articles are Coming VERY Soon!

Using Props as Display Fixtures
This article describes the different types of display fixtures you will need or should consider when designing your booth.

Positioning Your Jewelry
Learn how positioning your jewelry can make all the difference in your sales.

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Jewelry Display Tip #1 - Learn From Others

Planning Your Craft Show Booth

Your Jewelry Displays Must Sell - Five Steps of A Sale

Booth Design: Principles of Design and Arrangement

Color: The Life of a Display

Craft Booth Display Lighting

Light Sources As Selling Tools

Designing Your Booth Using Display Fixtures

Demonstrating In Your Booth

Price Tags and Promotional Materials

The Importance of Boothmanship

How to Prevent Shoplifting at Your Jewelry Booth

Common Errors in Displaying At Craft Shows

Sell Your Jewelry at Craft Shows

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