Does etsy work?

by Christie
(Redding, CA)

I've been using Etsy for a while now, but I haven't made any sales. Am I doing something wrong? I've heard the site does well with handmade stuff and I wanted to get it going somehow. Can anyone offer tips?
The shop site is


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Selling on Etsy
by: Gloria

Hi Christie,

Your jewelry is beautiful and it is also unique!

A lot of jewelry artists have been very successful selling their jewelry on Etsy, but there is also a lot of competition on Etsy so you need to direct people to your Etsy Shop.

Do you also have a website, blog or facebook page? Having any or all of those is a great way to direct people to your Etsy Shop.

A great place to get more exposure is to join in jewelry discussion forums. Ask questions, answer questions, talk about the unique beads or components that you use or an interesting technique. Forums are for sharing and discussing ideas or problems. This is not a place for you to give a “sales pitch”, if your comments sound like you are just trying to sell something then readers will most likely ignore it and probably not click on your link.

For example on my site I talk about the art of color and the symbolic meaning of colors. At the end of each article about the various colors I have an invitation for readers to share their stories or jewelry designs using that particular color. Here is an example, go to the bottom of the page for Meaning of Blue Color Symbolism and you will see various jewelry artists willing to share their jewelry pieces using the color blue. Feel free to join in!

Photo Galleries are also a great way to get to get your jewelry noticed. If anytime you see a “Jewelry Photo Gallery” inviting you to share some of your designs, then DO IT! Its an open invitation for you to get involved and show off your work. Be sure to describe how you made the piece, what materials you used and what inspired you to make it. Also tell a little something about YOU, readers are always interested in getting to know the designer a little better.

Again, DO NOT write a sales pitch! Just interesting info about the piece. Your link will be your sales route. If you describe the piece well and what went into making it, then if people are interested in purchasing any of your work or want to see more of what you have to offer they will follow your link. Be descriptive as possible!

Feel free to add a photo and description (along with your Etsy Shop link) to my Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery

Facebook is another wonderful place to get your jewelry noticed.... see my next post about Facebook.

Get Your Jewelry Noticed on Facebook
by: Gloria

...this is a continuation from my last post...

Another great way to get exposure is to visit facebook pages from bead suppliers or “how to make jewelry” sites, introduce yourself, upload a photo of one of your jewelry pieces, list the components or beads used to make it, what inspired you to make it, and of course a link to your Etsy Shop where they could see more of your work. Your photo and link will be seen by all their friends, and if any of those friends make a comment or “like” your photo, then all their friends will also see it. And if your piece is really unique or exciting, it will snowball from there.

Here are just a few facebook pages where you could visit, upload a photo and join in:

... see my next post about Social Media Marketing...

Social Media Marketing
by: Gloria

Getting involved in discussion forums, jewelry photo galleries and facebook are just some of ways to sell your jewelry through Social Media Marketing.

If you would like some more info and a better understanding of the benefits of Social Media Marketing then be sure to check out these articles:

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Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online
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Social Media Examiner: Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle
Social Media Examiner helps businesses use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find leads, increase sales and improve branding.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if Social Media Marketing has helped to improve your sales on Etsy.

Happy Beading!
Gloria :)

Some helpful hints
by: Anonymous

Hi Christie,
I just took a look at your lovely Etsy shop, favorited it and liked you on Facebook. Your jewelry designs are outstanding. I would like to recommend some things that may help you dear. Although I am not the biggest seller on Etsy by any means, there is too much competition, I have seen my sales improve by the following.
*Photographs are so important, although I love your designs Im not seeing the detail, use the photographing jewelry help here on this wonderful site to help you with that.
*Title descriptions: although we as artist love to have fun and fancy names for our pieces, google search and Etsy search will not pic up your descriptions with the titles you are writing. For example, I'll use your first item: "Ohhhhh my.....Steampunk beaded choker necklace" because only the first 3 words show up in search you will not be found like this. Try using "Steampunk beaded choker" first then the rest. Also google and etsy doesnt pick up on punctuation marks in the titles

Hope these tips help you dear and please let me know if I can help you with anything else. I love to mentor and share advice on things I know have worked.

good luck

Dangling the Carrot
by: Anonymous

I don't believe that Etsy works most of the dealers.
I have had a jewelry shop on Etsy for over a year and sold only one item. Many have looked at the items, some have complimented them or marked them as favorites, but I believe these were other dealers not buyers.
There is just too much stuff on the site. It doesn't take long for your posting to fall many pages to the point where no one will have the patience to look that far.
Etsy continually sends emails telling you that if you are not selling, then you need better photos, better copy, whatever - you're just not doing enough. They tell you that you need to constantly be twittering, on facebook, blogging. Who has time for that unless you are unemployed? And if you do have that kind of time, why not just set up your own website?
I believe that Etsy is just continually dangling the carrot in front of the dealers faces. The handfull of dealers who claim to do well seem to have made a full time job of their shop on Etsy.

Selling on Etsy NEW
by: Teresa Webster

Thanks so much posting the information about Etsy. I have just started my store on the site. I have made a few sales, but not many. I appreciate all the help I can get at this point. As far as creating my own website, I have no idea of even where to begin to do that.

Want to know why? NEW
by: Anonymous

Etsy is not working for me because the search does not work. Say you want a beaded dress, size 12, in a red. How do you find it? You have to scroll through maybe thirty pages of ten size dresses, blue beaded dresses, dresses that are short, when you want long, and dresses that cost about twenty dollars more than you can pay.
Why would anyone have that kind of time to waste?
No wonder no one is seeing my stuff - or yours!

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Does etsy work? NEW
by: Anonymous

Etsy works for Etsy. Statisically, it's pretty hard to compete against hundreds of thousands. They're just a business making a profit without any promises.

Does etsy work? NEW
by: Anonymous

Try consignment shops where there is less competition. I sell 150 pieces of jewelry per year in 5 different stores.

Consignment is simple. Create, tag and rotate once a year.

Online sales involve photographs, biographies, descriptions, emails, shipping and so much more.

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