Double Carnelian Drops Earrings

by Linda Aliogo
(Lagos, Nigeria)

These earrings wouldn't have come to life if I had not dismantled the set I actually made earlier. Have you finished a design and still feel its not yet just right? That is the exact feeling, I was not just satisfied with the design (set) and so I kept it away waiting for the right inspiration... design.When the inspiration eventually came, I worked and this is the result.

My name is Aliogo Linda. I live in Lagos (Nigeria) with my husband and 5 lovely children. I have been designing and creating beaded/hand-made jewelry since 2007. This is because I enjoy the whole process involved in creating unique jewelries, by putting different pieces of materials and accessories to creating stunning pieces. I must say, it makes me excited and fulfilled to bring to live these jewelries which tell a story.
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