Funnel Traffic to Your
Existing E-commerce Site

Do you already have an existing e-commerce site? A sales site that sells your handmade jewelry or even beads or jewelry making supplies. Regardless of what you are selling, the key question is whether you are getting the most value out of your e-commerce site?

Is your sales site pulling in the kind of targeted traffic required for business to thrive? Because without traffic, your website will become just another unvisited and unshopped site. 99% of sites on the web get barely any traffic, and of course very little traffic = very little sales, if any.

You might have the most beautiful and/or unique designed jewelry made with the best quality materials displayed on a well designed sales site.

But are you getting value out of that site? Getting traffic? Making sales?

Of course, customers who know your business can find you (I hope!).

But, you are probably only realizing a fraction of your e-commerce site's potential. And it's too late to restructure it. You probably shouldn't, in any event (instead build a new theme-based content site and funnel traffic to your existing e-commerce site).

Nothing leverages the worth of your primary sales/e-commerce site like one or more traffic-funnel sites, Theme-Based Content Sites that do the following...

  • Generate on-target, qualified visitors.

  • PREsell through the delivery of the high-value content that they wanted.

  • Guide them to your primary site as motivated, interested, and (most importantly) new prospective customers. New customers... lifeblood for growth.

Do you have an (unshopped) e-commerce site?

Do a quick check on your existing site's traffic ranking and find out how your own site ranks, compared to over 100 million others. Click here to take the Alexa Traffic Test

You need to do much more than "put up a Web site." Anyone can put up a site or a blog nowadays. The result is a glut of over 100 million sites, most of them with almost no traffic.

Profitable results come from sites that WORK. Profits are not generated by sites that merely exist (the vast majority). See here for examples of SBI! sites that are in the top 1% of all sites on the web, each with hundreds or thousands of visitors every day.

Why Build a New Site Just to Funnel Traffic to My Old Site?

If you already have an online store, building a Theme-Based Content Site is the single best way to drive traffic to it. In other words, BECOME YOUR OWN AFFILIATE!

All you need to do is follow the 10 step process that I have been sharing with you and build a highly-optimized content site based upon the most profitable theme of your existing business.

Once you have established your credibility with this content, divert the PREsold traffic from your content site directly to your e-commerce sales site (it's much like becoming an affiliate of your own product(s) or service(s)).

With your keyword-focused content pages you can consistently funnel substantial volumes of targeted, PREsold traffic to your existing e-commerce site and drive sales.

If you wish, you can further leverage this growing traffic by developing multiple income streams with Google Adsense and Affiliate Programs. This diversification will significantly increase your bottom line. Best of all, diversification will stabilize your overall business since you are not relying on a single source of income.

To better understand how PREselling is the key to any successful business, check out this very informative video series on The Power of PREselling

Advantages of Building a New Content Site:

  • Your targeted visitors find your theme-based content site via a Search Engine keyword search -- and immediately perceive you as a credible and popular business. You rank highly on search results pages so you are easy to find.
  • They trust you because of the high-value information you are providing -- it shows you understand their needs or wishes. Your quality content establishes you (in their minds) as an "expert" in your niche. And your regularly published e-zine deepens the relationship, building more and more trust while warming up potential customers to your marketing message. An e-zine is an effective communication tool that keeps your business at the forefront, rather than your competitors.
  • Your visitors want more information about your potential "solutions." These solutions could be your own service or product, or those of merchants that you represent (as an affiliate or through a finder's relationship), or your eBay auctions, etc. After all, one type of "solution" may appeal to a particular visitor but not to another.
  • They visit your main sales site (or your merchant's site, Etsy, or auction listing, etc.) with an open-to-buy/hire mindset.
  • Your visitors buy or commission you to create a new piece! They gain a solution and you gain sales. A win-win situation!

Why Don’t I just Write More Content On My Sales Site?

Well, you could try to catch searchers on their quest for information by writing keyword-focused content pages specific to your topic or theme on your main sales site. But the priority of your sales site should be on “selling" effectively rather than on Search Engine Optimization. It is very difficult to write powerful sales copy and be Search-Engine-optimized at the same time.

To be most effective at the Search Engines, any page must have links pointing at it, preferably from the home page of its domain (directly or indirectly via an intermediate page). This is often not the case with a sales site. And if there are no such links, three major problems are created...

    1) Spiders can't spider e-commerce sites. Sure you can submit them, but some engines only accept the index.html page.

    2) The Search Engines often interpret pages that don't have incoming links as being doorway pages. If you were an engine, what would you think if you saw 50 solitary pages from, none of which had incoming links? You too would give negative points or even ban. So much for a high-ranking position in the search results!

    3) The last thing you want to do on your sales site is to distract visitors/potential customers from the sale by sending them off on "content tangents." In other words, links on dedicated sales pages aren't always a "good thing".


Build a traffic-funnel site that Search Engines and visitors love. "Hard selling" your visitors right off the mark only works a tiny percentage of the time. If your visitors are going to buy from you or commission you, they have to trust you first. Let's face it, surfers are a naturally skeptical lot. You may really have the most unique jewelry at the best price. You may offer the best customer service, and the fastest delivery times. But if you can't get your visitors to trust you, your business is sunk!

To be successful, you need to...

1) Own your free, targeted, motivated traffic. Grow your business by growing your own niche-oriented traffic, and referring it to your primary e-commerce site.

2) Diversify -- monetize your traffic in other ways. Protect your income, and build equity, by diversifying into new monetization models (crucial if you are a small business owner).

3) Build equity. Not only do you own your targeted traffic, but you'll build a large e-zine list and your e-zine will help you build trust over time.

4) Increase Conversion Rates. PREselling through valued content establishes credibility. So your recommendations carry weight. The difference in conversion Rates between visitors who arrive PREsold via an in-context text link vs. a banner can be as high as 20-fold.

5) Build a rapport and establish trust with your visitors: Quality, credentializing content is by far and away the best way to establish this.

The bottom line?

The increased traffic and business driven by your content-focused funnel site are yours and they are not dependent on the continued expenditure of great numbers of advertising dollars. Your site will grow, building greater and greater traffic momentum over time and leverage your existing e-commerce site.

"What Kind of Content Do I Provide?"

As an e-store owner, anticipate two kinds of information-seekers...

1) Shoppers looking for product information:

    So naturally, you provide information related to the products themselves. But not the short, sales bits of sales copy, picture and price -- that's for your shopping catalog/cart.

    Create real content... reviews, experiences, techniques, "the history of," and so forth.

    Real content gets found. Product listings don't get found at the major engines like Google. And they get buried among thousands of similar listings in the "comparative shopping engines" (ex., Froogle,, etc.), which only send dribs and drabs of traffic compared to the major engines.

    Surfers who look for product information (ex., model numbers, trade names) are close to buying. So take this advice seriously.

2) Surfers looking for information about a related topic:

    These people don't even know they are shopping... yet! They seek information about topics related to the niche/theme of your e-store. This approach converts surfers into interested visitors.

    Then your content converts visitors into warm, PREsold customers (and they didn't even know they were shopping!). That all-important first purchase may not happen on the first visit -- they sign up for your e-zine, visit your site a few more times because of the excellent material. But people buy from people they like and respect. So you'll make that sale... and then another.

    Bottom line? Do what less than 1% of all e-stores or e-commerce sites do. Build a site that will be searched-and-found by prospective new customers... hundreds of them... then thousands every day, steadily building as your site gains in reputation and relevance at the engines. In other words, build a site that works (in both senses of the word!).

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Already Have A Website You Like But It's Not Attracting Traffic?

If you're like many people, one of the following applies to you and the Web...

  • You don't have the time to learn how to build a Website.
  • You don't know how to set up the best Website for your needs.
  • You have a Website, but it's embarrassing and set up in the wrong way.
  • You have a sharp-looking Website, but no traffic.

Then let SiteSell’s trained experts build your SBI! Site...

They Build Websites That Actually Work!

Funnel Traffic to Your Existing E-commerce Site Funnel Traffic to Your Existing E-commerce Site

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Funnel Traffic to Your Existing E-commerce Site Funnel Traffic to Your Existing E-commerce Site

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