Increase Your eBay Auction Sales

10 Tips for a Successful Auction Listing

copyright by Cheryl L. Coccaro

You can increase your eBay auction sales if you know the best way to craft the content and appearance of your listing. Your auction text and template design help form the bidder's impression of your item. So when you create your eBay auction description, it's important to use the correct words to describe what it is that you are selling.

The size, font, style and color of your text can easily affect your reader's buying decision. So let me help you in this process.

1. Make It Easy To Read -You want to make it easy for your visitors to read your auction. You don't want to use a light colored text like yellow on a white background and you don't want to use dark blue text on a black background.

2. Create A Mood -You want to use the color of your text to create a mood for the reader. If you want to create excitement, use some red text. If you want to create greed, use a some green text. Use colors that would put you in a mood to buy your item.

3. Grab Their Attention -You can grab your readers' attention by putting the title right at the top of your auction ad. Make the auction title more noticeable by using a different color than the rest of your ad. This offsets the auction title and pulls the reader into the reading the rest of your auction.

4. Highlight Keywords -Emphasize phrases and keywords that you feel are important. For instance, use exciting words to describe your item and don't forget that the word FREE is always a winner! One way to increase your eBay auction sales is to offer FREE shipping on multiple purchases. Please use bold, underline and italics on words that you want to impress on the reader.

5. Sizing It Up -You don't want to use a font text that is too small or too large. You want to use larger text for your auction title. Also use smaller text within your auction but don't make it too small that your grandparents won't be able to read it!

6. Don't Use All CAPS! -You don't want to use all capital letters in your auction title. It looks unprofessional and is hard to read. You may want to use all CAPS within your ad for the title to offset it from the rest of the auction.

7. Font Properly -You want to use a text font that relates to the product your selling. You don't want to use a comic type font when you're selling jewelry. Remember not all computers can view those unique fonts, so you would want to use a monotype font that most all computers Courier, Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana.

8. Spacing Out -It's important to use spaces properly when typing your text. You should indent and bullet key benefits about your piece, which will give the reader a quick auction read. Remember that your sentences and paragraphs should be consistently spaced throughout your auction ad.

9. I Need Sunglasses -Don't use all bright text colors and backgrounds in your auction. It will make your text hard to read and actually will bother your readers' eyes to the point they just decide to leave your site.

10. Check The Readability -It's important to check your spelling and grammar before you upload your auction. I always open up my auction after it is posted and actually read it, just in case I might have missed something. Once you have a bid, you cannot make corrections.

To increase your eBay auction sales, you have to be creative in making the item you sell, and design a complete auction ad that looks professional. Handmade doesn't have to look homemade!

Note: Cheryl creates wonderful custom eBay auction ad templates that you can use over and over. Her templates are easy to use, and designed to let you put 3 free pictures in every auction ad. You can e-mail Cheryl at about her low-cost, professional eBay templates.

Cheryl Coccaro is the author of "Easy Internet Selling" and the creator of My Perfect Ear, a unique and eye-catching earring display.

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