Getting Ready to Sell on eBay

copyright by Cheryl L. Coccaro

The following steps will help you in getting ready to sell on ebay.

Things to Do:

1 - Your eBay User ID and Password2 - Credit card or debit card information3 - Checking account number information

Go to Seller's Account:

1 - Fill out form and enter information asked for.

2 - Enter in your Bank Routing Number and the Checking Account Number.

3 - eBay will verify your information.

4 - Select how you will pay your fees with either this checking account you just entered, OR charge your fees to the Credit Card you also entered.

Should you NOT want to provide your bank information or credit card number, you can select " Becoming ID Verified".

This is an identification verification process and all you need to do is answer questions that they use to verify who you are.

It is a quick process, you just fill out the questionnaire.

The Benefits:

It allows you to become a seller without a credit card.

It lifts some restrictions placed on new sellers.

It allows you to use a different selling format.

It will give bidders confidence in you.


You must be registered as a BUYER first.

Even if you do not plan on selling, register for BOTH at the same time.

Enter credit card and bank account information.

Choose where fees are charged.

You are ready to sell!

Getting Started - Things to Consider:

Determine What To Sell - Do ResearchDetermine Value to You - Pick something you own of modest value that is easy to pack and ship.

Go to eBay and search for similar items AND focus on items that had a high selling priceCategoryTitleStart PriceDescriptionShipping

Determine it value to you - Research Considerations

What to Look For:Value to you - Might it sell for less than it's worth to you?Category and sub category - What category gets the most activity?Title - What words/format received the most attention?Starting Price - Make you item competitive with others similar.Description - How was Listing laid out? What information was provided?Auction Duration - Helps you determine how long to list.Shipping Costs - Did the Seller use fixed or actual shipping costs?

Getting Ready To List

Prepare to List:Click the Sell link and enter your eBay username and password for security reasons.Choose your format, choose the Sell Item at online Auction. and click Continue.Select Category of your choice from the Main Category Listings.You can enter a few words and eBay will select a "suggested" category.Select Save.

Right now, do not select the 2nd category options. Your fees will double.

Enter Title of Your Item and follow the prompts to further break down to proper category.

The Description is next.Create your description in Note Pad or use the Template from Turbo Lister. This is where HTML coding is entered.Select all and Copy.Paste into the description box by putting your cursor in the box and select Paste. Continue.


Number of Days, 3,5,7 or 10 days.10 days costs extra. Experiment, I use 7.You can choose another date and time but it costs extra.Enter the quantity and the starting price.

Editing Your Pictures:

Use graphic editing software.Comes with your camera or computerUse SharewareUse more sophisticated softwareUse eBay Picture Service.

There are 4 basic steps to editing your photo:

CropRotateResizeSave As

Select the Standard Picture Layout unless you are using my Templates.Select the Gallery picture as it adds to the cost, 25cents, but well worth it.Add free counter also as it helps you get marketing information.

Sell Your Item Page:

Select what payment methods you want, PayPal, Insurance, etc.Payment instructions and shipping locations options.Escrow: No is the default and I do not use this service.Continue and the Review Page Shows.Review for errors and if any select revise, change, and returns to Review page.Listing Summary Table Shows and review and this page shows the fees and when you select submit, your auction goes live.You will receive an email from eBay confirming that your listing was completed.


Selling on eBay is easyYou'll do a little work up front:Write the title and descriptionTake the picture

Use the Sell Your Item Form

Pick your category and fill out the information.Review the Listing and correct as neededSubmit the Listing.

Taking Pictures for eBay:

Digital photos from your film developerFlatbed scannersDigital cameras

What To Look For in a Digital Camera

Buy a brand name with these features - eBay recommends Nikon CoolPicAt least 1.2 mega pixelsAbility to focus from 1" away (Macro ability)Ability to turn off flash

Camera Settings:

Set your camera to take .jpg picturesSet your camera to the best resolution


Use a backdrop so your items stands outUse a solid, contrasting color material or cloth


Use natural or diffused light if possible and avoid shadows

Pricing Advice:

Know your Market and do your research in Completed ItemsWhat would it cost at retail?What will the market bear?Know what the Item is worth to you.Determine your reasonable priceCover your eBay feesCover your time and costsAre you willing to let the Market decide?


There are 3 important prices:Stating PriceReserve PriceBuy It Now Price

Different Sellers have different philosophies - Do your research - Think like a BUYER


The Fastest Way to CashEasiest, fastest way to get paid on eBay.Anyone with an email address can send and receive moneyMoney goes directly into your PayPal account

Secure, trusted way to transact money:Most trusted Online Payment ServiceBest eCommerce Solution42 million membersUsed on over 76% of eBay auctions

Subsidiary of eBay:Integrated into eBay auctionsBuyer simply has to click on the PAY NOW BUTTON.

Why Use PayPal?

Fast:Receive money instantlyNo waiting for checks or money ordersEasy:Allows you to accept ALL forms of paymentsIncreases the bid amounts on your auctions.Secure:Keeps all financial information secure.Uses strongest encryption commercially availableProtects you against buyer-initiated charge backs.

Signing Up with PayPal:

Complete the registration formConfirm your email addressEnter credit card and bank account information

When you get to the Premier Account section please select YES, if you want buyers to pay you with a credit card through PayPal. Otherwise they have to use their monies in PayPal and/or send you a check.You will complete the rest of the process and then confirm your email address directly from the email that will be sent to you.The next step is Get Verified.It is very similar to setting up your eBay account, and it is OK to give them this information.Select Add Bank Account and PayPal will select 2 random payments in pennies to be put into that account. In this way, they are verifying that you are the owner of this bank account.In a few days, you can check your email, they will send you a reminder, to check your bank for the 2 small deposit amounts that were made. Mark them down and go into the email from PayPal, or log in and on the left hand side of the screen it will say Verify Your Bank.Select that link, enter the 2 small amounts, click send, and you are done!

No more, "The checks in the mail".

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