Fame, Dreams & Goals
Feng Shui Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

The Fame, Dreams & Goals gua affects your future: opportunities, dreams, goals, aspirations, awards, fame, achievement, happiness, recognition, acknowledgment, journey's end. It concerns your personal reputation, recognition and influences how you envision your life. Fire is the element that characterizes this qua which brings energy, passion, and enthusiasm. The element that helps to create fire is wood which promotes development, creativity and innovation.

The energy from these Feng Shui beads and symbols will help you balance and enhance this Life Area especially if you're setting goals or planning your future.

The colors that represent the fame, dreams & goals Feng Shui gua area is red for fire and green for wood.


Carnelian (bestows optimism and enthusiasm for life, activates and energizes personal power, revealing hidden talents, stimulates courage, self confidence, ambition and mobilizes us into action)

Garnet (passionate energy and devotion to goals; enhances charisma, self confidence & success)

Black Onyx (enhance inner strength and helps you focus attention, willpower and reason)

Labradorite (stone of power & destiny; helps you to realize and achieve your destiny in this life while enhancing faith and reliance in yourself; brings forth each person's strength to share with the world; helps find inner knowledge; reveals new opportunities)

Red Coral (bold & dynamic, confident and in control )

Red Jasper (protection; grounding and strength)

Faceted Quartz Crystal (facilitates wisdom, clear thinking, protection; brings energy into the soul)

Sterling Silver (the agent of balance, attracts all the energies of the other stones)

Leaf Beads: Represents the element wood

Word Charm: Dreams

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