Find Unusual Shops to
Sell Your Jewelry

by Sarah
(Richmond, VA)

Where's a good place to sell my handmade jewelry? I use only the best beads and my pieces are one of a kind. I sell at the Crafters Market now but I am looking for other stores who would sell my handmade jewelry. Are clothing stores and gift shops the best place? Any ideas?


Finding good places to sell your jewelry greatly depends on the style of jewelry you make.

The best way to go about selling your jewelry is to narrow your market. By narrowing your market you need to find a niche or a particular style of jewelry and concentrate on only that to start with. AND your designs have to be original and unique. If you try to cater to what everyone wants then your market is too open and competition stiff.

In creating your distinct style ask yourself these question: Who do you think would probably buy YOUR jewelry, or who are you making your designs for? For example do you want to reach sophisticated, or professionals? Young and funky? Everyday or party wear? What about bridal or prom jewelry?

Once you have identified the type of customers who would purchase your jewelry or who you are designing your jewelry for, then you can seek the best stores that cater to the styles of this customer.

Before you approach a clothing boutique check them out first. What styles and colors are they selling this season? Make some samples of your jewelry that would match great with the clothes the shop is selling. A shop owner will most likely want jewelry and accessories that match their current inventory.

Remember that the gift shop and clothing boutique aren't the only places to sell your handmade jewelry, be creative and find unusual shops to sell to, such as:

* florists and garden shops (jewelry with flower beads or a garden theme)

* salons or spas (style of jewelry depends on the clientele)

* pet stores (pet jewelry or people jewelry with pet charms)

* tourist shops (jewelry made with natural beads from your area or theme jewelry representing the area)

* home decor shops (jewelry for the home such as beaded candle holders, curtain tie backs, napkin rings, drawer pulls, sun catchers, lamps, garden stakes, window chimes, etc.)

* new age stores (chakra or healing jewelry)

* bridal shops (wedding and prom jewelry)

* religious stores (spiritual jewelry or jewelry for 1st communion, baptismal, christening, rosaries, prayer beads etc.)

* marine shops (jewelry with a nautical theme)

* or even a biker shop (biker chic jewelry).

Browse through different specialty stores and let your imagination grow in how you can incorporate different themes into your jewelry designs.

Good Luck in finding unique places to sell your jewelry. Let me know what you come up with.
Gloria :)

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Sell Your Jewelry

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Find Unusal Shops to Sell Your Jewelry
by: Dee Williams

I agree with all Gloria had to say. But I adding this, check out the displays at the shops you are thinking about selling you jewelry in. Is it crowded with so much merchandice that you jewelry will be lost? Can you see the jewelry they already sell? It does no good to have a shop sell you work if people can't see it.
I had one shop ask to sell my jewelry, they had 4 inches of counter to display my work, surounded by tricket boxes, candles and vases. I choose not to sell there. This is your business fine the best place to your work seen.

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by: Lilian Yates

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