Fold Forming as a Jeweler's Technique

by Rhoda Mack
(Florida, NY, USA)

A variation on the T-fold

A variation on the T-fold

A variation on the T-fold

One great skill to add to your jewelry design is the fascinating technique of fold forming copper, silver and other materials. Fold forming creates organic forms in as little as 3-5 minutes, and forms can appear chased or repoussed. Fold forming has been described as a combination of origami and hammerwork.

Charles Lewton-Brain, the international silversmith and jewelry educator who has developed this process, has a must-have book out called Fold Forming. You can get it on his site, or from Amazon. There are also fold forming tutorials on youtube, including a good one from Rio Grande.

Charles Lewton-Brain gives 3-4 annual workshops. You can learn this organic innovative technique from the book, from the website, or hands-on with this master educator at a conference. From earrings to bracelets and necklaces, jewelers around the world are finding ways to incorporate this technique into original work.

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