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Discover how theses free keyword search tools can help you find the best keywords to use when building your website.

Choosing the right keywords for a website involves understanding the search habits of the general public. When building a website around a certain topic, it is important to consider how people would search for information about the topic. Free keyword search tools are online programs that can perform statistical analysis on how often a term is searched for (demand) and how many sites (supply) are also about the particular topic and use the same keywords.

Using these free keyword search tools will help in brainstorming not only great and highly demanded but also profitable keywords that you will use to create your master keyword list.

You may find that these different tools will bring back a lot of the same keywords, that goes to show you that those are popular keywords, but you could also find a real gem or a keyword or topic that you hadn’t thought of and that would fit great in with your site concept.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This Google tool is probably one of the best free keyword search tools and it is easy to use. You enter a word or phrase, or alternatively, a URL, and the AdWords Keyword Tool spits back a list of related keywords and some additional traffic data. The following video will give you a detailed tour on how to perform keyword research with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Video: Google Adwords Keyword Tool 2011 | Part (1 of 2)

Video: Google Adwords Keyword Tool 2011 | Part (2 of 2)

FREE Keyword Search Tools

In this example I typed in the keyword “wire Jewelry” and then clicked on the Search Button. The results brought back over 600 keywords that have to do with wire jewelry.

You would have to prune through this list and delete any keywords that really have no relevance to YOUR site content. But this list may also come up with some great keywords to build content around, that you would have never thought of.

Next I did a search on keywords for “wire jewelry” that actually contain the words “wire “jewelry”, by checking off the box next to “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms.” This search results brought back over 135 keywords.

I also conducted a search on “making wire jewelry” and here are some of the results:(The results will show you both the global and monthly searches, and also give you an idea of the competition for each keyword.)

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Wordtracker Free Keywords Tool

The Free Keyword Suggestion Tool provides a good starting keyword list. It also includes the DEMAND for each keyword (the number to the left of each keyword, indicating how often that word is searched).

Here is a small example of some of the keyword results from Wordtracker using the keyword “wire jewelry”:

Video: Keyword Research Module I:
How to Use Wordtracker to Build Keyword Lists

FREE Keyword Search Tools

WordTracker Keyword Questions

Some Web surfers prefer to ask questions to find the information (the content) they're looking for. So how do you discover what those questions are?

The Wordtracker Keyword Questions Tool gives you a list, exactly as they were entered by the surfer. The more questions there are, the more interest there is in your search term. Also examine the questions themselves. Are they all asking the same thing, but in different ways? This could indicate a deep and narrow niche to investigate. Or do the questions only have the search term in common? This could indicate a shallower but wider niche.

Think about how you'd answer those questions. Do they interest you? Are you passionate about the topics they cover? If the answer is Yes, you may have found a niche to build your site upon or even just Tier 2 or Tier 3 content pages.

Here is just a sample of some of the questions surfers asked with the keyword “wire jewelry”.

SEMRush Keyword Tool

SEMRush brings back keywords, both "Vertical keywords" (keywords containing your Site Concept keyword) and "Lateral keywords," for which any URL is found by Google.

A special strength of this tool is that it shows Demand for the keywords. Register (free) for more results, or upgrade (paid) for regular access.

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Video: How to use for keywords research?

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Yahoo! Search Vertical Brainstormer

Yahoo! Search offers a quick and effective feature that enables you to brainstorm a great list of keywords. It's based upon how often surfers search (at Yahoo!) for other words that contain the keyword being searched. It is indeed a good place to start.

After typing in your keyword Yahoo! Search displays a drop down menu containing a great list or words that contain your keyword, something like this if you have been brainstorming on “wire jewelry”...

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Find Great Keywords from Your Competition

When you type in your keyword in the search box of any search engine such as Google or Yahoo! Search, the results page shows you the top 10 sites that ranked for that keyword.

From the results you will find that these sites are your direct competitors. As you review these sites, you may get some great ideas for content on your own site You may find that these site use some great keywords or topics that you may hadn’t though of. Think about how you can present that information better or even expand on it.

Browse the site, drilling down into the content. Click on the banner ads andtext links, following these links out to their destinations to see what kind ofmerchants they have chosen as affiliate-partners. Or perhaps it’s a straightadvertising deal -- make a note of these merchants as potential advertisers, too.

If a given merchant fits your concept and has an affiliate program, enter the kind of merchandise it sells, and the “join page” URL into your Master Keyword List. This information will help you when you are planning your monetization options in Step 4.

WordStream Free Keyword Tool

WordStream offers a Free Keyword Tool that will also bring back 100’s of great keyword ideas to use.

Just simply type in a keyword and click on “Get Keyword Ideas”

The results come back with the top 100 keyword ideas along with the relative frequency of use. You can receive the full list of the keyword idea results by entering your email.

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Keyword Niche Finder

WordStream also offers a free tool to find the best keyword to use for your site concept with their Keyword Niche Finder.

Type in your site topic and then click on “Find Profitable Niches”

Your results will come back with a list of Suggested Niches as well with a list of great keywords for each niche. Play around with this tool and see the different keywords that you can find.

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Keyword Discovery also provides a Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

Simply type a seed keyword and have KeywordDiscovery generate the top 100 keywords for you.

FREE Keyword Search Tools

Brainstorm It!

I use one of SBI!’s many tools called Brainstorm It! It is the ultimate niche-finding, brainstorming and keyword-researching tool. Brainstorm It! is not free for the public to use, but it is included FREE for SBI! owners.

This tool is similar to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool but does a lot more and brings back a lot more keywords to work with.

The Brainstormer! module of Brainstorm It! utilizes Wordtracker (including 100 WordTracker credits for FREE!)

Wordtracker’s free keyword tool will allow you to search up to 20 different keywords giving you back 100 Searches for each one. But unless you subscribe to their membership at $69 per month you will only be given the results for “Searches” not “Competition” or “Profitability”. I use the full Wordtracker at no extra cost through SBI!’s suite of tools for only $29 per month. This is just one of 85 reasons why I love SBI!

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of your Master Keyword List. Your entire site, including its most profitable directions, lies in this blueprint. If you find creating your own list (with a database or spreadsheet program) to be too daunting, and if a text list is too awkward, consider SBI!’s Brainstorm It! tool.

A powerful automator, work-organizer and time-saver, it makes the entire master keyword list child’s play.

How? It does the demand, supply and profitability for you automatically, turning hours of work into minutes, as it builds and researches an entire master keyword list for you. it even calculates the profitability of every keyword automatically. Its Find and Sort functions turn it into a powerful, high-yield tool.

Click here for more detailed information on Brainstorm It! In this article I explain the power of Brainstorm It!, how to use it and show you the results that these brainstorming tools provide to help build a successful site full of great keyword-focused content pages.

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