Goddess Artemis Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

Artemis was the Greek Goddess of Light, Independence and Empowerment. She is usually depicted with the bow and arrow that her father gave to her as a young girl, symbolizing female strength and power. Artemis was associated with the moon, especially the crescent or "new" moon. Artemis "Goddess of Light" had the divine duty of illuminating the darkness. Artemis gives us courage, she illuminates those places that terrify us and lends us her strength to bring us safely through our fears.

Artemis was a personification of an independent feminine spirit: beautiful, courageous, assertive, energetic, determined, motivated, wild, and free. Of all the Greek goddesses, she was the most self-sufficient, living life on her own terms, comfortable both in solitude and in holding the reins of leadership. She reminds us that adding some wildness to our lives can be freeing emotionally and spiritually. And by wildness we mean, not a destructive lack of control, but a loosening of the mental and emotional chains that bind us, a disregard, at least temporarily, of the social pressures and constraints that tame and domesticate us. Artemis' greatest gift to modern women is the understanding that, what is wild and untamed is not something to be feared but something to be celebrated, explored and reveled in, on our own terms. She encourages us to use our inner strengths to live our lives to the fullest.

Artemis goddess energy beads and symbols helps to remind us that we have the ability to reclaim our sense of self, and our ability to be self-reliant with strength, unwavering willpower and courage.

I made this bracelet with stones and symbols that represent everything Artemis stands for such as bronzite for focused action, unakite for self assertiveness, leopard jasper for personal independence, tiger eye for courage and optimism, carnelian for self confidence, garnet for passionate energy, and moonstone to help promote intuition. As symbols to represent Artemis, I attached a small goddess charm, a moon & stars charm and a bear charm. Known as the Bear-Mother, Artemis has a fierce exterior, but like a mother bear she also displays a soft side of herself.

I always add a Spiral charm to my goddess bracelets which is representative of the eternal forces of nature, eternity and transformation. "She Who Creates from Her Own Source" is the Goddess of claiming the essence of your own power, and daring to spiral it into the world and be the best YOU there is! She who is balance, courage, strength and beauty. Spiral-force is goddess energy.

Two thirds of the bracelet is a double strand of beads and the other third is a chain with bead dangles and charms. The great thing about attaching a chain is that it makes the bracelet adjustable to fit any size wrist.

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