Health & Balance
Feng Shui Bracelet

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

The Health & Balance gua influences your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being. Because the Health gua is positioned in the center of the bagua map, it touches every other gua. Consequently, it affects every area of your life. So when the energy of your Health gua is balanced, it helps you achieve harmony and order in every part of your life. Earth is element that characterizes this qua bringing stability, nourishment and balance. The creative element is fire which brings energy, passion, and enthusiasm.

The energy from these Feng shui beads and symbols will help you balance and enhance your health on many levels.

The colors that represents the health & balance feng shui qua area is yellow for earth and orange & red for fire.


Amber (strong healing stone allowing the body to heal itself)

Citrine(enhances mental clarity, confidence, will power and success; alleviates depression and self-doubt; brings happiness, joy and optimism into your life), Golden Lace Agate ( lifts depression)

Carnelian (the orange ray nourishes and vitalizes your entire being, bestowing optimism and enthusiasm for life)

Moontstone (helps to balance and soothe emotions)

Picture & Leopard Jasper (protective; assists in self healing, balance one?s physical, emotional and intellectual states)

Garnet (stone of health and passionate energy)

Quartz Crystal (master healing stone. A powerful energizer, providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upliftment. Emotional balancer. Enhances abilities to enjoy and accomplish the things you want in life. Surrounds one with protection by amplifying white light)

Sterling Silver (the agent of balance, attracts all the energies of the other stones)

Word charm: Health

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