Promoting Your Home Based Jewelry Business: the Art of


Your customers can only buy from your home based jewelry business if they know that you exist! You will need to 'educate your market' about you and your products.

Getting noticed, whether through advertising, publicity, promotion, or public relations, involves the creation of a specific message concerning your business and the communication of these messages to your target market(s).

In promoting your home based jewelry business, you have to let the public know about you and your products, whether consciously or unconsciously you need to get their attention.

When people see your name over and over again, it will become familiar and they will be more apt to buy from you.

The following articles discusses how you can start promoting your home based jewelry business.

Promoting Your Jewelry Business Q&A
Ask your questions or make comments on anything related to Getting Noticed. It's quick and easy.

Projecting A Professional Image
Discover the importance of why the right image is an essential part of your marketing effort.

Naming Your Jewelry Business
Choosing a name for your home based jewelry business requires a careful, organized, and creative thought process. Names are like people, some will be remembered and some will not. This article will give you some tips on naming your business.

Social Media Networking For Jewelry Designers
Discover why social media networking has unprecedented power to attract people's attention and influence their buying decisions, and how you can easily gain the attention of your handmade jewelry.

Designing a Logo
Discover why designing a logo can be the difference in making a home-based concern into a professional enterprise. And it doesn't have to cost a small fortune!.

Promotional Materials
Create low-cost well-designed promotional materials that will get you noticed and multiply sales!.

Jewelry Hang Tags
Hang tags not only adds a professional touch to your products, but is an invaluable sales tool for promoting, identifying and enhancing the features of your work. .

Create a Name Recognition for Yourself
It's important to not just sell your products, but sell your name and your image. Once people know and accept you, they'll also accept your products. Discover some of the easiest ways to get your name out there.

Getting Free Publicity for Your Jewelry Business
One of the keys to success is publicizing your jewelry business. Find out how and where to get free publicity.

The Media Kit for Jewelry Artists
Before approaching any media sources, you must produce all the written materials the media will need. Learn how to prepare a media kit that will get you published.

Advertising Your Jewelry Business
Expense or Investment? Find out how advertising can help increase sales and what constitutes a good ad.

Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Jewelry Business
Discover how using direct mail can help promote your jewelry business.

Your Jewelry Design Portfolio
A portfolio is a valuable promotional tool and is a must for every jewelry designer. Start building your portfolio today!

Public Relations and Your Jewelry Business
Learn why it is important to establish good public relations with your jewelry business. This article discusses different ways you can build a relationship with the public and get your name out there.

The Following Articles are coming VERY Soon!

Easy Self Promotion for Jewelry Designers
Discover how through self promotion you can get free publicity writing articles and sharing your own special tips and techniques..

Best Way to Display Jewelry: By Wearing It!
Discover why wearing your handcrafted jewelry is one of the best marketing tools that you can use to promote and sell your work.

Educating Your Customers Will Boost Your Jewelry Sales
Educating your customers on what is special about your handcrafted jewelry can increase sales tremendously..

Sign Your Jewelry
Metal jewelry tags are a great way to put your signature onto your jewelry as the perfect finishing touch!.

Customer Care and Your Jewelry Business
Customer care is how you treat your customers and the quality of service you provide. Tips on how build a strong, satisfied customer base.

Develop an Artist's Statement
Discover why you should have an artist's statement and how to write one.

Photographing Jewelry Tips
Photos can make or break a jewelry designer. Find out why the quality of your photographs are so important.

Build a Jewelry Business Website
A website can be an effective marketing tool and a great source of income for your business. Find out how easy it can be to build one with no web building skills or html knowledge..

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Designing a Logo

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Jewelry Hang Tags

Create a Name Recognition for Yourself

Getting Free Publicity for Your Jewelry Business

The Media Kit for Jewelry Artists

Advertising Your Jewelry Business

Use Direct Mail to Promote Your Jewelry Business

Your Jewelry Design Portfolio

Public Relations and Your Jewelry Business

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