Start a Home
Jewelry Party Business

"A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Building a
Home Jewelry Party Business"

How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit
by Lorri Ely

Home parties have become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative ways to sell your handcrafted jewelry.

In this complete guide, Lorri Ely shares all her proven tips, techniques, and secrets on how you can make your own home jewelry party business profitable and successful.

Inside this great book you'll get tons of valuable information--absolutely everything any jewelry designer would need to know to sell their jewelry through a profitable home party business.

Depending on your jewelry and the guests invited, you can easily earn several hundred dollars or more in one show.

Rena Klingenberg says, "Lorri Ely's new ebook, How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit, is an excellent roadmap for starting and growing this type of jewelry business.

Beyond her tips for selling your jewelry at parties, Lorri's book is a do-able, step-by-step business action plan. At every step she details exactly what you need to do and why - and she provides loads of useful resources and links you can refer to all along the way. She never leaves you hanging; you always know what to do next, and where to find everything you need.

This guide smoothes your path over the nitty-gritty business matters like planning, market research, recordkeeping, finances, paperwork, etc. that often scare creative people away from building the successful handcraft business they dream of.

Lorri's jewelry party business forms, templates, and invitation examples alone are worth the price of the ebook!

The biggest hurdle in achieving something new is taking that first step toward getting started - and Lorri breaks everything down into small, achievable steps in this outstanding guide.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into this ebook and get started on the exciting path to your profitable home jewelry party business!

This ebook is an outstanding guide to successful home jewelry parties, and should pay for itself at your very next party. Highly recommended."

You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start your very own jewelry party business with "How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit - A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Building your Dream Business".

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How to Run a Home Based
Jewelry Party Business
for Fun and Profit

by Lorri Ely

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