how do you string seed beads?

by joanimation

I'm a graphic artist and have been buying supplies for jewelry making. I haven't beaded jewelry since I was a kid! For the life of me I just can't remember how to handle the "seed" beads. I know there has to be some kind of tool. I have seen some youtube videos, but it's difficult to see on most of these sites on exactly what type of tool is used. A needle of some kind perhaps? Hope someone can help me out, thanks in advance! I'm just starting, and don't have all my supplies, I am so glad I did find this website. i can already see there is a lot of learning and catching up I have to do!

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string seed beads

The best way I found to handel seed beads is with
beading needles.One of the best beading needls I
use is made by BEAD SMITH they come in long and
short they are big eye beading needles.I find they work the best for striging seed beads and for sewing seed beads. I do a lot of right angel weaving...Hope this helps you

how to thread seed beads
by: Maria

i use either size 11 or 12 beading needles theyre about 5cm in lenght... and I use fireline as thread i hope that helps you

How to string seed beads NEW
by: Crystal Confetti

I also use the large eye Beadsmith needles for right angle bead weaving, The Beadsmith needles come in different gauges, identified as medium duty and heavy duty which can be good if you are having to coax your needle through a bead when has already been passed through a number of times.
If you're going to loom weave you'll need a longer needle, and I like a longer needle for free-hand weaving as well, since the number of beads I pick up might be as many as I would need for weaving on a small loom.
By the way, I am a graphic and fine artist as well; welcome to jewelry-making!

Czech seed beads NEW
by: Anonymous

I recommend the shop - features a huge selection Czech glass beads, goods for beading, Swarovski el. and components for Swarovski...

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