How to clean my silver jewelry?


I'm interested in buying silver jewelry, as the gold one these days is just too expensive. I have a bracelet from, and love its unique style, but the silver got a little black three months later.

Luckily, they were so considerable, and good with after-sales service, lifetime guarantee, got exchanged with a new one.

My friend told me that if you wear your jewelry every day and do your daily activities with it, which will go black, really?

I'm very good with my jewelry at the moment. i wear it every day to work and come home, but hoping to learn some method to clean my silver bracelet, does anyone has good method to maintain the silver jewelry?

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How to clean your silver jewellery
by: Donna Maria Lynn

Hi, your jewellery will go black as its a natural oxidation, the quickest and cheapest way to clean silver is to buy a silver cleaning cloth,you can purchase these from your local high street shop: Wilkinson's, B&M, or any jewellery store, even Asda, eBay, for a couple of pounds. and start to polish away the black like magic!

Tarn-X NEW
by: Anonymous

Tarn-x is definitely the best cleaning solution for cleaning silver jewelry. The amazing folks at told me about it, and now I wouldn't use anything else! And those guys know real silver!!

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by: David

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