how to price my jewelry properly.

by Julie

I have been wanting to setup a business and I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to price my jewelry properly. I make individual pieces, I haven't made 1 piece in multiple colors. So do I figure the cost of each piece plus labor and profit and overhead? It is all to confusing.

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by: Anthea

Dita Basu wrote a helpful How-to about that on Yahoo! Voices here:

There are many, many more posts like it that show up on the first page of Google when you search for "pricing jewelry."

Does that help?

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by: Anthony

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how to price my jewelry properly. NEW
by: Anonymous

It's entirely up to you. Start with the highest price. To increase sales, try a lower price.

I try to make the prettiest designs with the cheapest beads I can find on Ebay. I sell single-strand necklaces for $5 and bracelets for $3. I don't calculate my time.

With several consignment shops, I sell about 150 pieces of jewelry a year. I'm satisfied with a small profit, because this is a hobby.

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