"Hudson" Elegant Bead Necklace

by New World Elegance
(California, USA)

This handmade bead necklace is 17 inches long. There is a large amount of time and handiwork in this black/gray/silver piece. The leaves and the flower are all embellished with fresh water pearls. The net base is covered with black onyx and silver lined triangular beads. This piece is from our Manhattan Collection.

The sun goes down, the night rolls in you can feel it starting all over again. The moon comes up and the music calls you're getting tired of staring at the same four walls. You're out of your room and down on the street moving through the crowd and the midnight heat.

The traffic crawls, the sirens scream you look at the faces it's just like a dream. You belong to the city, you belong to the night. You’re living in a river of darkness beneath the neon lights.

The Manhattan Collection embodies the lyrics of Glenn Fry’s popular song, You Belong to the City”. The pieces were designed for those nighttime events of fun, charity and sophistication in and around the city.

The materials where chosen to exemplify both the darkness of the evening plus the bold elegance of your educated taste. The designs are outspoken with a flavor of subtleness.

Who are we?
We are two people that love to produce beautiful bead jewelry. We take our lives and spend them in very beautiful places in the world and while there we are inspired to create designs with the vast array of bead materials. We experiment in new techniques and apply new ways to create super elegant, handmade, custom bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets amongst other things. Our pieces are a reflection of our environment. Thus when we are near the ocean we create jewelry that makes us feel about the ocean and all things around and in it.

New World Elegance
Designer Unique Bead Jewelry

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Beautiful NEW
by: http://top10essaywritingservicesreviews.blogspot.com/

You did a very beautiful Bead necklace. I always wondered, how much time it takes to do such thing?

Stunning NEW
by: Maria

An absolute stunning design, i love it

Great Job NEW
by: Anonymous

Absolutely beautiful. A lot of time and work went to it and it really shows.

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