85 Reasons Why I Love SBI!

Want to know why I Love SBI!? Because it is so much more than just a "sitebuilder."

No other product in the world comes close to providing everything I need to build a profitable online business...

I am going to explain to you in detail the 85 Reasons WHY I Love SBI!

I am going to show you all the tools, reports and guidance that is included with SBI! and how it has helped me to rank in the top 1% of over 100 million websites on the Net.

If you prefer you can watch the 30 min Video Tour that also explains all the process and benefits of SBI!

Perfect Preparation

SBI! made sure I understood what needs to be done to build a website that succeeds. Before creating my first Web page, they taught me that I must...

  • research what terms ("keywords") visitors search for in my field

  • know the competitive landscape and how to address it, and
  • plan how to monetize (the Web offers ways to monetize my business that I may not even know about).

Sound like a lot of work? Not with these tools...

SBI! is the only product that took the time to prepare me to build a profitable business, before I jumped into building my site.

Here are the First 17 Reasons Why I Love SBI!:

1. Action Guide

SBI! Action Guide

The step-by-step Action Guide is my number one reason why I Love SBI! Before I built this website I had no idea of where to start or what to do. The SBI! Action Guide showed me how to execute the natural, powerful C T P M process, using SBI!'s easy-to-use, integrated set of tools.

It's literally like having the world's top Internet guru whispering over my shoulder, helping me every step of the way, leading me, clearly and cleanly, all the way to where I need to go. Learn by reading (written guide) or watching (video guide)!

2. Brainstorm It!

Brainstorm It! (BI!) is both a creativity-booster with tremendous brainstorming abilities and a tool that saved me weeks of tedious data-gathering and keyword analysis!

It is the ultimate niche-finding, brainstorming and keyword-researching tool and helped me verify that my site concept had acceptable profit potential. With Brainstorm It!'s help, I know I am on on track, right from the start. Brainstorm It! also helped me to find topics related to my niche that pulls in traffic and generates income.

How? It does the demand, supply and profitability for me automatically, turning hours of work into minutes, as it built and researched an entire master keyword list for me, it even calculated the profitability of every keyword automatically. Its Find and Sort functions turn it into a powerful, high-yield tool.

The Brainstorm It! module has 3 brainstorming tools: Brainstormer, Master Keyword List, and Monetize It!

3. Site Concept Finder

I used the new Site Concept Finder in Brainstorm It! to bring back hundreds of keywords for 3 possible Site Concepts, all at once. I then compared all three side-by-side with various filters, pre-set tasks (Lower Profitability, General Competitive and Solid Potential) and sorted to determine which of the three was the best Site Concept, based on overall profitability, the time I have available, and monetization potential.

4. Brainstormer

Brainstormer is the tool I use to create my list of keywords related to one to three Seed Words, which are potential Site Concepts.

When I enter a Seed Word and use one of the Brainstormer queries, I get hundreds of possible topics, also known as Specific Keywords, related to that Seed Word.

Brainstormer queries are divided into three types...

  1. The Seed Generator brainstorm generates words that I can use as potential Site Concepts for my first (or second or third) SBI! site. These are all words with winnable competition and reasonable demand.
  2. Vertical brainstorms generate keywords that contain the Seed Word (ex., if I enter "bead," all brainstormed words will contain "bead" in them, for example “bead projects”, “glass beads”, “bead designs”, “making bead jewelry”).
  3. Lateral brainstorms generate keywords that are related to the Seed Word but do not contain it (ex., if I enter "jewelry making," a lateral keyword would be "bead patterns", “bent nose pliers”, “jump rings”, etc.).

5. Master Keyword List

After I perform a Brainstormer query, I end up at the Master Keyword List ("MKL"), which contains all the keywords brought back by every Brainstormer query.

My Master Keyword List enables me to search, sort, filter, analyze, add, delete, and even find & research information about top sites for each keyword. I enter and store ideas about Content, Monetizing, & Site Info ideas into an online Notepad for later reference. This includes info from Monetization HQ articles about potential income streams for a diversified Monetization plan.

The next 10 reasons I Love SBI! are the different tools within my Master Keyword List that allows me to fine tune all keywords and select the ones with the most potential for profitability to write my content pages around.

6. Add Keyword Tool

The Add Keyword tool lets me add keywords, one-at-a-time, to my MKL (without making them Seed Words). Brainstorm It! delivers the keyword's Value Demand and Real Supply (and calculates the resulting Profitability) combining both SBI! and Wordtracker data to deliver the best values possible.

7. Get Google $

I can use the Get Google $ tool to retrieve AdWords data for my keywords (CPC, PCDM and Keyworth). This data will help me determine if I can earn a reasonable income from each of my keywords with Google Adsense.

8. Filter Tool

The Filter tool lets me quickly find and display subgroups of keywords in my MKL. My filtering options include...

  • an alphanumeric filter, used in the Keyword and Notepad columns. This lets me filter keywords and notepads to include or exclude certain words or numbers (ex., find every keyword that contains the word "beading," or every keyword that has a notepad containing the word "monetization").
  • a numeric filter, used in the Value Demand, Real Supply and Profitability columns. This lets me search for certain numeric values (ex., all keywords with Value Demand greater than 2,000).

Clicking on the Filter button (shown in the screenshot above) displays the filter functions inside my MKL table (screenshot below)...

Each column has a drop down menu with 6 functions I can choose from: greater than; less than; range; highest x%; lowest x%; and percent range. Click here for more details on how to use the filter tool.

9. Basic Task Bar

The Basic Task Bar contains a set of pre-set tasks that work on all the keywords currently displayed in my MKL.

  • All Keywords is a pre-set task that lets me quickly clear all filters, sorts and columns that I may have applied, whether I set them manually, used pre-set tasks (Lower Profitability, General Competitive, and Solid Potential, plus the Ad Value pre-set tasks) and/or customized those tasks.
  • Lower Profitability, which shows me all keywords that are at the low end of profitability. This means words that have a high Supply and a low Demand. They are sorted by lowest Profitability to the top.
  • General Competitive, which displays all keywords that have a very high Supply (a lot of competition from other Web sites), and thus are very hard to win, and high Demand. These are usually very general keywords (ex., one word keywords like "jewelry"). They are sorted by highest Real Supply.
  • Solid Potential gives keywords that have mid-range Supply (not too much competition, but enough to tell me that the keyword is popular), and have high Demand. High Demand and mid-range Supply keywords are the ones with solid potential, the ones I'll want to focus my site on. They are sorted by highest Profitability.

10. Ad Value Task Bar

The Ad Value Task Bar displays a set of pre-set tasks that work with the values brought back to my MKL after I click on the Get Google $ button.

  • All Keywords Ad$ task returns all the keywords, displaying only the ad-related columns noted above. I can use it to clear any custom filtering, sorting and columns I may have done, or to clear any of the Ad Value pre-set tasks (Ad Scan, Winnability, Big-Time? or The Middle) or Basic pre-set tasks.
  • Ad Scan, shows me keywords that have a Keyworth greater than 0.
  • Winnability, which returns all keywords that have a good correlation between Value Demand and PCDM. This means that Value Demand and PCDM are telling me roughly the same thing, that there is sufficient demand for this keyword.
  • Big-Time?, which gives me the keywords that are good money-making keywords, including "big-money" keywords (words with a high CPC and a good PCDM value). It also returns high competition (high Real Supply) keywords.
  • The Middle, which returns the "heart" of my MKL in terms of the "AdSensibility" of the topics of my site. In other words, which pages are likely to do very well with AdSense ads placed on them.

11. Keyword, Value Demand, Real Supply and Profitability Columns

These four columns display the keywords and numbers generated by my Brainstormer queries.

  • Keyword is the search term that a surfer types into a search box at the Search Engines
  • Value Demand is a combination of how often people search for a particular keyword and how monetizable or commercial that keyword is. The best words (i.e., the highest Value Demand) have a high search volume and are highly commercial.

    This measure of Demand is called "Value Demand" because it both provides a better estimate of Demand and includes a reflection of how important the Demand for each keyword is, in terms of its commercial potential.

  • Real Supply is a score for a keyword that indicates how competitive that keyword is, compared to the others in my Master Keyword List. It provides a rough idea of how difficult it will be to rank in the Top 10 at the engines.

    The higher the number, the more competitive the situation. This measure of Supply is called "Real Supply" because it provides a true evaluation of competition for each keyword.

  • The Profitability of each keyword is its Value Demand divided by its Real Supply, multiplied by 1,000. The ideal keyword has high Value Demand and low Real Supply. The more keywords (for a given Site Concept) that have higher Value Demand and lower Real Supply (and therefore higher Profitability), the better is the "Overall Profitability" of that Site Concept.

12. Notepad Column

The Notepad is a very useful place to store my ideas.

13. WWW Column

Clicking on the www icon for a particular keyword opens a new browser window. Brainstorm It! retrieves the first Search Engine Results Page (listings 1 to 10) from Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing, and displays them in a framed window.

14. Site Info Column

Site Info returns a lot of valuable information for the top 10 sites about a particular keyword. It also provides information about up to 10 more sites that are related to each of the top 10.

Clicking on the Site Info icon opens a new window. Brainstorm It! then collects and displays the information for each of the 10 sites. This information includes...

  • The Title of the home page
  • The URL of the home page as a live link that will take you to the page
  • The Alexa Rank
  • Contact info for the Webmaster
  • Inbound Links for that site (links that point to that home page)
  • Sites with high Google PageRank that link to this home page
  • The Description of the home page
  • Information about each of the 10 sites related to this home page.

15. Search It! Column

The Search It! tool lets me perform keyword-related searches directly from my MKL. When I click on any of the icons for a particular keyword, Search It! opens in a new window, with that keyword already entered.

  • The first icon searches Wikipedia for content ideas for that keyword.

  • The second icon searches Flickr for photos that have been tagged with that keyword.

  • The third icon uses a special tool to double-check the cost of AdWords ads for that keyword. It is also tells me the number of ads, advertisers and PPC competitors, of which I can click to see the Top 10 for free (remember, those are not MY competitors -- they are those of my advertisers -- the more the merrier)! I can even see sample ads, and I might even find a "related keyword" that's worth adding to my MKL!

16. Niche Choose It!

Niche Choose It! is an invaluable tool that enables an SBI! owner to flawlessly choose the very best Site Concept possible for his/her Theme-Based Content Site, along with the best possible domain name. No factor is overlooked by Niche Choose It!.

Niche Choose It! is your final decision-making tool. It uses a complex decision-matrix theory that makes choosing the best niche for YOU simple... and flawless.

Choosing your best site concept is not always as obvious as you might think. Brainstorm It! and Niche Choose It! show you the best path for your particular business, reveal some surprises, and help you make the right choice.

17. Alexa Integration

SBI! has integrated Alexa's powerful suite of APIs into modules that bring back reams of invaluable information about competitors.

There Are Still More Reasons
Why I Love SBI!

After working and playing with my Master Keyword List, I now know how to create Content to build maximum, targeted Traffic that is highly profitable. I have my blueprint for success. Next Step? Start Building! 10 more reasons why I Love SBI!

Why Do I Love Solo Build It!?

Reasons 1 - 17 = Perfect Preparation
Reasons 18 - 27 = Solo Build It! Help Me Build & Host My Website
Reasons 28 - 36 = Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding
Reasons 37 - 46 = Traffic-Building System
Reasons 47 - 55 = Trust-Building Tools
Reasons 56 - 63 = Monetization
Reasons 64 - 75 = Guidance & Support
Reasons 76 - 85 = SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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85 Reasons Why I Love SBI!
Here I explain in detail the 85 Reasons WHY I Love SBI! and how it has helped me to rank in the top 1% of over 100 million websites on the Net.

Reasons 1 - 17
Perfect Preparation

Reasons 18 - 27
SBI! Help Me Build & Host My Website

Reasons 28 - 36
Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding

Reasons 37 - 46
Traffic-Building System

Reasons 47 - 55
Trust-Building Tools

Reasons 56 - 63

Reasons 64 - 75
Guidance & Support

Reasons 76 - 85
SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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