I'm stuck on creativity and designs for my jewelry

by Tonya Kaplish
(Ventura, Ca.)

I'm stuck on creativity and designs for my jewelry. Plus I am not sure how to be productive and have good quality and style.

I'm also having a fear of making up all my bead stash that i worked hard to collect over time. Where I'm going with this is I am scared to not be able to have enough product for my customers.

I want my business to go far, and help support my family and have enough beads to keep the business going. I don't want to let myself down again. Over the past couple of years, I went into business with my aunt. She never gave me my profit that I was entitled to. When I asked if She would send me my stuff back, she said it got stolen or broke. She refused to send me my jewelry back. I feel that she scammed me. But now that I am disabled, I can only do this. It is my passion as well. Please help? I feel like I'm going no where! :(

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