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Ask questions about the problems you're having with your jewelry designs. You can even answer questions that have already been asked or share your innovative design tips and techniques. If you have a blog or website be sure to include the URL so readers can check it out!

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I need inspiration please 
I have been working with resin, and want to continue but I need some inspiration. Here is my facebook site - not to advertise but just so you can see …

how do you string seed beads? 
I'm a graphic artist and have been buying supplies for jewelry making. I haven't beaded jewelry since I was a kid! For the life of me I just can't remember …

wire work 
my question is i am a beginner in beads making i love it and have passion for it..however when it comes to making earrings i just get stuck and also would …

Where to start in bead jewelry making? 
i am new to bead making, less than a week old. I would like to know; 1- how to proceed 2- tools to purchase, 3- what to have in mind while designing …

Design done, samples done, loads of interest, its just.... 
As my title says the design and samples are done, I have ladies of various ages wearing my samples as well as myself. Everyday that goes by I get at least …

Clasp designs to balance heavy necklaces 
I am looking for tips on hand-made clasps or other techniques that can help relieve the weight of a heavy necklace. What are the tactics that other people …

please I need help with design process, Im stuck 
I would love to get some tips or exercises on how to think outside of the box. I have great ideas for brands and collections but am simply rubbish at designing …

Graphic Jewelry Designers-Positions Available 
Hi! We are looking for some Graphic Jewelry Designers! Below is the job description and contact information. These are in-house positions, but if you are …

I would love to become a self employed jewellery designer/artist but haven't a clue where to start!  
What I would like to know really is which course I need to undertake - any suggestions? I'm not really into the evening courses as this will be a slow …

New Business
I'm stuck on creativity and designs for my jewelry
I'm stuck on creativity and designs for my jewelry. Plus I am not sure how to be productive and have good quality and style. I'm also having a fear …

process of making jewelry? 
can you please help me on the process of making jewelry?

starting a design to make jewelry 
i want to start designing jewelry but i don't know the first a draw or just make anything that comes to mind? and what is swot analysis?

woman with an idea 
I have a jewelry idea that I would love to submit to someone to create and sell...Is there any companies out there that except submissions for jewelry …

Getting Inspiration 
When I am on the internet if I see a tutorial that I like for a piece of jewellery, I save it on my computer and then print them all off so I have them …

Fashion jewelry 
Jewelry is a fashion that has been around for centuries; for some 75,000 years people have created jewelry pieces starting with the …

How To Clean Pearls 
The pearls most of us wear today are cultured pearls, their existence initiated by humans who insert a bead or other object into …

Coming Up With Designs  
I have a stash of beads and wire. I want to design something with them but I'm not sure where to start. Should I first draw or story board what my vision …

Help to Design a Necklace 
I have a vintage 1970's red branch coral necklace purchased in Italy. The clasp broke, and it was uncomfortable to wear, besides being the wrong style …

Starting Up a Small
Jewelry Business
I have been designing and making fashion jewelery for the last couple of years for friends and family and more recently held jewelery parties and had …

what is sterling silver? 
I am new to making jewelry and I hear so much about using Sterling Silver. What is the difference between pure silver and sterling silver? Answer: …

How to clean my silver jewelry?  
I'm interested in buying silver jewelry, as the gold one these days is just too expensive. I have a bracelet from, and love its unique …

How do you use nature for inspiration?  
You know how sometimes you see a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry and the artist says they were inspired by nature or a picture of a natural setting. …

Jewelry Making Tools? 
I'd like to drill wholes in some glass tiles. Any suggestions on how and what supplies or tools I'll need? I'd greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks

Changing from a hobby to business 
I recently considered making jewelry to sell. I am having trouble figuring how to price anything! I'm barely learning about crystals and different types …

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What type of wire should I use for someone with a metal allergy? 
I want to make a nice swirly wire earrings,but I would like to know what's the best type of wire to use ? I want to start making jewelry largely due …

Jewelry Business Starter Kit 
My name is Miranda, I'm 26 years old, I am gearing up to start a jewellery buisness part time to gain some extra income. Being on disability, it has become …

basic jewellery designing cd 
i wanted to know which can be the best way to learn jewellery designing.. i cant attend full time clases so i need a forum to learn jewellery designing,.... …

Schooling? for making & designing jewelry 
My name is Angie and I've been considering starting a Jewelry based small business for a few years now. I'm finally at the point of do this now or quit …

Bead Manager Pro? 
I was wondering if it lets you actually design jewelry? I am trying to find a program that will basically let me pull items from my inventory list (i.e …

Bookmarks and buttons? 
I would like to develop my own bookmarks and buttons to sell. I am coming up with ideas but need some input. I use 18 gauge wire for my bookmarks as …

designer or trendy?  
which jewelry pieces are more profitable? designer or trendy? Answer: Both designer & trendy jewelry can be profitable it all depends on who and …

overloaded and cannot decide what to make or 
Ok, I am hoping to get a breakdown or a plan or something. I am driving myself crazy. I probably have almost every stone ect. to make almost anything. …

Take Care Of The Jewlry Just Like Yourself 
Don't you just hate it when your expensive jewelry set will not sparkle forever? It's not a do it yourself clean up act like the human body because it …

Just Starting in Jewelry Making 
Hi I was recently inspired by a family member in Australia by her wonderful jewellery making, and thought I may give it a go myself. Can you give …

Where do I start in making handmade jewelry? 
I'm a college student who loves to do arts and crafts. I've been thinking about making jewelry ie. necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets. Where do I …

Making Children's Jewelry 
Hi, everyone! Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE this site. Whenever I do a search to answer a jewerly-related question this site always pops …

How to begin making assemblage or mixed media jewelry  
I have a cupboard full of different kinds of beads, findings, chains, momentos, collectible items. I want to use these items to make jewelry necklaces. …

Method of figuring out the layout of your necklace 
When making a necklace, I use a dress form with a fabric facing to easily stick pins into. It helps to lay out my chains and gauge the placement of each …

Jewelry with quotes 
I just got this idea about starting making Jewelry with quotes. I don't know how to start. Any ideas? Thank you, M.

Looking for some info please 
Hi! I happen to come across your website searching for beading and arts & crafts on the internet, and thought I would leave a question. I have been making …

Seeking Designers to Participate in Study on Feminism and Jewelry Design Not rated yet
Calling all Designers, Hello, my name is Michelle, I am a researcher from the Department of Sociology at Dartmouth College. I am currently conducting …

Seeking Jewelry Design Software Not rated yet
I am seeking jewelry design software, that will provide 3D animation and allow many options in jewelry design.....from rings to necklaces, providing several …

I'm stuck on creativity and designs for my jewelry Not rated yet
I'm stuck on creativity and designs for my jewelry. Plus I am not sure how to be productive and have good quality and style. I'm also having a fear …

Need your feedback on my project for the Jewelry Class! Not rated yet
Hi, everyone. I would greatly appreciate your feedback! This is my unfinished LOCKET/ lipstick container. Materials: Brass; thread and leather (not …

CAD Jewelry Designer and Miniature Sculptor offering online CAD services to jewelry and gift manufacturers. Not rated yet
I am Jewelry Designer and Miniature Sculptor offering online CAD services to jewelry and gift manufacturers. I am a digital sculptor specializing …

Blue Stone Not rated yet
I saw a beautiful necklace on the gallery section. There were many different shapes of beads. They looked like some type of natural stone but I wondered …

megsie Not rated yet
I have been making jewelry using tiger wire, beads and crimps but now i am changing to leather rope, wood and recycled glass beads. I am unsure how to …

Hindged hoop earrings Not rated yet
is there anyway to make hinged hoop earrings. Not the ones with the hole on one side and your raise the other, but the one that has a sort of hinge on …

Newborn Designs Not rated yet
I have been asked by many to make a book or DVD on my jewelry designs, I've been teaching on and off for yrs. Which would be better to start with? I like …

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I'm looking for plating company for jewelry. Not rated yet
I'm looking for a plating company in NY. I would like to know which company is the cheapest to order plating just one part of jewelry? I know some …

Fold Forming as a Jeweler's Technique Not rated yet
One great skill to add to your jewelry design is the fascinating technique of fold forming copper, silver and other materials. Fold forming creates organic …

Branded Clasps? Not rated yet
Does anyone know where I can order and purchase clasps with my logo on them? Please comment here or email me at if you know of …

Birthstone Poem Not rated yet
By her who in January was born No gem save garnets shall be worn They will ensure her constancy True friendship and fidelity. The February born shall …

Romancing the stone:
Gemstone focus
 Not rated yet
One of the key changes jewelers should be aware of is that gemstone think definitions Gemstone Beads are shifting. While the likes …

How to Clean a Diamond Ring Not rated yet
A diamond is a very complicated material to clean hand lotions, hair styling products and everyday grime all leave enough of a film …

Pandora Jewelry - Every Women's Dream! Not rated yet
Pandora jewelry is a famous brand name in the world of jewellery. Pandora jewelry was established in 1982 by Per and Winnie in Denmark. Ever since the …

Need Help with
Peyote Stitch Pendant
 Not rated yet
Is there a finding that attaches to stitched beadwork about 1-1.5"wide? I'm learning the peyote stitch & am making a pendant of a beaded square. …

Tungsten vs. Titanium Not rated yet
Men's jewelry has diversified greatly with the rise of Tungsten and Titanium jewelry. Tungsten and Titanium products are considered "model metals" or new …

Baltic amber jewellry Not rated yet
Do you like amber jewelry? About amber Amber is a very light stone made from the fossilized resin of trees.Most of the world's true amber ranges …

White gold princess cut with side stones engagement rings are one of today’s most popular engagement ring designs as of their timeless beauty and modern …

Cheap Beading Tools Not rated yet
Will I still get good results from cheap beading tools? There seems to be a wide variety of prices for the basic beading hand tools. I can't see them in …

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