Your Jewelry Displays Must Sell - Five Steps of A Sale

Your jewelry displays must sell. To entice people to buy, you must create an exciting visual image for customers and stimulate all of their senses: touch, taste, smell and hearing.

Your jewelry displays should suggest that your merchandise will give pleasure, comfort, improved appearance, or some other addition to the consumer's life.

A good display should convey the message "Buy Me". This can be accomplished most effectively when all the principles of design and arrangement are employed.

To understand this employment you have to lead the customer through the five steps of a sale with your display. These five steps are:

  1. Attract Attention

    Your display must attract the passerby and hold him until his interest is aroused. A display may bring a person over from an isle or two away, yet lack the quality to get him interested in the products displayed. Sometimes a shopper merely looks at a display in passing. It attracts the eye but does not make a strong impression. However, a good display will turn many of these lookers into stoppers who pause and study the displayed merchandise. It is important to be innovative and to make your display unique.

  2. Arouse Interest

    Once you have attracted your customer's attention, you have to arouse their interest. You should attempt to create a favorable reaction in the mind of the potential customer; your display should be designed to make them think, to appeal to their emotions, and to persuade them to buy. You can accomplish this by creating an atmosphere, by applying the elements of design and arrangement such as line, shape, size, colour, theme, texture, and rhythm. When these elements are applied effectively to the principles of design (balance, emphasis, harmony, and contrast (which will be discussed more thoroughly under Principles of Design)), will elicit a psychological motivation and response from the viewer.

  3. Create Desire

    Now that you have captured your customer's interest, you have to make them want your products. Your jewelry displays should arouse this desire in the following ways:

    • Demonstrate the qualities and benefits of your product.
    • Demonstrate the use of your products.
    • Explain the necessity of your product, show its advantages and win the potential customer's confidence in needing your products.
    • Sell the idea that the articles you are selling is exactly what the customer needs and that owning this article will bring complete satisfaction.

  4. Win Confidence

    Let your customers know that you have quality products made with skill and precise craftsmanship. You can do this by having show cards or hangtags explaining the process or special details involved in producing the items.

  5. Cause Decision to Buy
  6. If you have done your job well to this point and have successfully impressed your potential customer, the sale will be automatic.

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