How I Stumbled Across
the Lucrative Jewelry
Gift Service Niche

copyright by Rena Klingenberg

I first discovered the “jewelry gift service / shopping service” concept several years ago when a friend of mine, who was married to a local doctor, ordered several bracelet and earring sets for her husband to give to all the ladies on his staff for Christmas.

I was extremely surprised that my friend kept thanking me afterward for making this gift-giving responsibility so easy for them.

Here I'd been thinking that I was the one who had benefited from this transaction, because it was such a big order!

That's when I realized that many people need to give nice gifts, but don't have the time (or don't know where to begin) to shop for them. In fact, most businesses and individuals have to give various types of gifts throughout the year, but they often view it as a major chore.

It isn't that they mind giving gifts. But they either dislike shopping, don't have time to shop, have no idea where to shop, or can't think of a useful and appropriate gift to give.

These businesses and individuals are usually thrilled and relieved to discover that you can solve their gift-giving problems very easily with your jewelry gift service.

Often they'll buy well over a hundred (often several hundred!) dollars of jewelry from you in half an hour, and then thank you over and over for making it so painless for them to give nice gifts!

When you work closely with clients on an individual basis like this, you get to know their preferences so well that you intuitively offer them the right gift selections and guide them to the right jewelry choices.

You also know the components, options, sizes, colors, and prices to bring to their attention. Part of your service involves narrowing down the infinite number of options to a small, select group of jewelry for your client to choose from – based on what you've learned about his or her preferences.

That's what makes you a consultant as much as a jewelry designer.

Your services are valuable to your clients because you become a trusted expert who helps them explore various choices and gift-giving problems.

With a jewelry gift and shopping service, you're not just selling jewelry. You're providing a valuable service that includes (in this order):

  • listening

  • understanding

  • consulting

  • researching

  • advising

  • problem solving

  • customizing...

and then furnishing your client with just the right jewelry gifts to give.

This level of service results in extremely loyal customers. Why would they do their gift shopping anywhere else?

Discover the most profitable jewelry gift service markets, how to operate a successful handcrafted jewelry gift service, and where to find customers who buy jewelry from you over and over again - in Rena Klingenberg's new ebook "Secrets of a Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service"

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