Jewelry Hang Tags

Jewelry hang tags or product tags not only adds a professional touch to your products, but is an invaluable sales tool in your promotional materials packages for promoting, identifying and enhancing the features your work.

When a customer buys your product, the hang tag goes home too. The advertising continues to work for you months and years beyond the initial sale. If the customer is enthusiastic about your piece, or gives it away as a gift the information on your tags will allow them to order more later, so be sure to include a contact number and possibly a mailing address.

One thing that makes your items interesting to customers is the fact that you made them. Each artisan is unique and has his or her own story to tell. This personal touch is part of every product you make, and your hang tag should tell something about you and/or your product and why it is unique. Explain why your product is special by giving the history of your craft, the background of yourself or a description of the techniques used in the making the product. If the materials, tools, or process are unusual you could also use this space to let the customer know why this is unique.

Jewelry hang tags could also give significant details about the article such as size, styles, colours, what the item is and its' uses. Thus, as silent salesmen, hang tags answer customers' questions about price, features, types of materials used, or how to care for the product. Hang tags can also be used to show that the product is a limited edition and is numbered.

Your hang tag can be a small card or folder with a hole punched in the top corner then tied or attached to each product. Many jewelry designers use their business card as a hang tag and write a description and the price of each product on the back of the card.

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