Learning Jewelry Making Skills

How are your jewelry making skills?

In order to make money and be successful with your home jewelry business you must master the skills needed for beading design jewelry.

This doesn't mean that you must study and practice for years before you can sell any of your beaded jewelry designs, as a matter of fact you can start marketing your bead designs while you are learning. But your ultimate goal is to be one of the best, to be known for a quality product of excellent craftsmanship.

Like most other skills, practicing your bead jewelry making will become an ongoing learning process. There will always be new techniques to use, new materials to try, and new innovative ideas to pursue, but first you have to start with the basic skills. Beaded handmade jewelry is very popular and there are a number of different ways to learn the necessary skills for beading design jewelry.

The following are only a few of the many ways to learn beading design jewelry, one isn't really any better than the other, it all depends on the amount of time you have to devote to your learning experience, how adept you are to learning, and how much you actually practice the skills you've learned.

Beading Workshops

  • Workshops conducted by bead societies, craft guilds or craft associations, craft and bead stores, and by successful jewelry designers, provide an important means of continuing education and learning experience for beading design jewelry . They offer an opportunity to meet and study with outstanding jewelry artists and to exchange opinions and experiences with other jewelry designers. Most of these jewelry making workshops or seminars offer beading instructions that run from a couple of hours to weeks of training depending on how in depth the technique or project is.

Beading Magazines

  • Bead and jewelry making magazines are a great resource not only to learn how to make jewelry, but also to find inspiration. Making-beaded-jewelry.com has compiled a list of some top beading magazines.

Jewelry Making Websites

  • There are a websites that are exclusively dedicated to teach jewelry making with how to's, tips, techniques, and bead jewelry projects.

    For a great site to learn everything you want to know about bead jewelry making with step by step illustrated instructions and lots of free projects, check out this site: How To Make Beaded Jewelry

    Another site to learn jewelry making skill with lots of free projects is Making Jewelry "From inspiration to your creation..."

    Also check out How to Make Jewelry. This site is full of jewelry making tips, and free projects in hemp, polymer clay and how to solder.

    Design-Unique-Handcrafted-Jewelry.com is full of ideas and resources to expand your jewelry making and show you how to create original and innovative jewelry pieces.

Bead Jewelry Kits and Beading Patterns

  • Another way to learn simple beading techniques and jewelry making skills is with bead jewelry kits and/or bead jewelry pattern. There are many talented jewelry designers who offer their designs in kits and patterns. These can usually be purchased from the designer themselves or at craft and bead stores, and of course over the internet.

    The Artful Crafter is a great resource for projects, patterns, ideas and tips on making and selling jewelry.

    AllCrafts.net - Free Crafts Network
    Free Crafts projects! Your guide for all types of crafts. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and much more! 20+ craft categories. New free projects added weekly!

On-Line Beading Tutorials

  • If you surf the internet you will find many jewelry designers offering their designs and techniques through tutorials that you can purchase from them on-line. These step-by-step guides will direct you from the beginning to the end of a design project or technique, many also giving you some insight on the jewelry designer's source of inspiration and skills. Many of these jewelry designers offer a free bead pattern or a bead jewelry project for you to test or try before purchasing one of their more unique or intensive tutorials.

Teaching Yourself

  • As mentioned earlier, many successful jewelry designers are self-taught. You can perfect your jewelry making skills by practicing, experimenting and using your imagination. Browse through some of the many how to make bead jewelry books and the numerous beading books available on various beading techniques. There are literally hundreds of books and magazines on beading and jewelry making and most likely your public library or nearby bookstore or craft supply store may have a good selection. Click here for a comprehensive list of beading and jewelry making books.

Jewelry Making Courses

  • Most school boards and community centers hold interest courses which many are devoted to bead jewelry making.

    Signing up for one or more of these courses will not only help you learn how to make a particular style of jewelry but also to see if it is the style of jewelry that interests you. Many craft and bead stores also conduct beaded jewelry making courses.

    Formal jewelry making study can is offered through many colleges and universities' fine arts programs. You could also attend schools which are devoted to teaching fine arts programs .

    Please note that formal training does not automatically create a fine jewelry artist, though it may help in developing an understanding of design and an appreciation of the history of the medium. Like anything else, it's what you put into any type of training you undertake, that you will learn to perfect your jewelry making skills. Some of the finest professional jewelry designers are entirely self-taught.

Apprenticeship for Beaded Jewelry Making

  • Although some basic techniques and principles can be learned in the classroom, working as an apprentice on a one-to-one basis with a jewelry artist will help to not only refine your technical skills and artistic development but also to understand the production methods, operational procedures, bead art patterns, as well as marketing and other aspects of a jewelry making business. Some jewelry artists will charge the apprentice a fee for the privilege of studying with him or her and learning their jewelry making skills, others offer training in return for help in their business.

    If you are interested in apprenticing contact your local bead or craft organization who may have a list of the names of bead artists who are willing to take on apprentices. Or, if you know of a professional whose work you admire, you may want to approach them and ask to be taken on as an apprentice.

If you have already started your jewelry making business, education expenses that are necessary for improvement in your field to help your business prosper, are tax deductible. This can include the purchase of craft books, attendance at seminars and workshops—including travel expenses —as well as formal education.

Even after you have your training or skill fine-tuned, you should keep up with developments in your field of expertise. To keep up with trends, read some fashion magazines and visit various craft shows and gift shops shops and clothing boutiques to see what is new on the market. This constant development of your skill is very important, in order to keep ahead of the competition and to keep abreast of the ever changing market.

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