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In this forum we'll discuss and share different ideas for selling and marketing jewelry through craft shows, on-line, wholesale, retail, and on consignment. We will also discuss how to broaden your sales opportunities through alternative approaches to selling your jewelry through home party plans, holiday boutiques, and through niche marketing.

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How many items does it take to create a web site ? 
I would like to know, how many items does it take to create a web site ? i am just starting to build my inventory.. Would I need to do 20...30....more …

Hi, I am new to this forum. I was wondering if I can spread the word about our new jewelry line through our latest blog post? Here is the link to our website …

New and Highly Excited Jewelry-Maker! 
Hey everyone! I'm attempting to sell jewelry, and I have an Etsy store linked to a promotional blog ( ) that are linked together, …

I am only 15 years old, and I'm very busy with school and whatnot, but I make vintage style jewelry that doesn't take much time out of my schedule(wire …

The Pros of Starting an Online Business  
It’s tempting to ditch your job and stay at home to start your own business, but it’s not as easy as you think. Your hobby of making jewelries can become …

working hard 
i love making my jewerly,i just havent made anything from it yet,if you have any suggestions advertise more,what ever you feel will help,please contact …

We are a small group of free lance jewelry designers who wish to sell just their designs to potential companies. Our brand name is Oskooei. Our designs …

Mr. wishful thinking 
I am planning to start a jewelry business, what should I do to have success???

How to get into the bracelet making birthday party business? 
I'm seriously thinking about getting into the bracelet making birthday party aspect with my jewelry. I would like to hear everyone else's opinion on ways …

Co-Marketing My Designs 
I have been approached by someone who wants to market horse-themed jewelry and she wants me to design and make the pieces. She will then sell them at …

Beyond Measure Designs 
I've been making all kinds of jewelry for about 6 months and love it. I've had success selling to my friends and family, and at craft bazaars and shows …

How to sell my Jewelry ? 
I have a big inventory of jewelry, which is utterly distinctive. My jewelry collection is a mix of hand made and ready-made pieces with major focus on …

How to sell my Jewelry? 
I came across this site while I was searching for a fast way to sell my Jewelry. I have a big inventory of jewelry, which is utterly distinctive. My jewelry …

Makrketing and Selling Handmade Jewelry 
I make beautiful handcrafted Jewelry but i don't have customers. How can i get the market and sell my hand made Jewelry?

presious pearls by pat 
people will say oh your jewelry is so pretty then go next to me and buy bling from china how do you get them to buy

My website is not coming up on the first few Google pages 
The Title says it all. My website is not coming up on the first few Google pages. I am getting hits but only a few (3-6) per day I have registered with …

Just started making jewelry and want to sell. How do I know what to charge? 
I would like ideas on displaying my jewelry also. Creative ways that I can make, I don't want to use the store bought stuff. My jewelry consist of earrings, …

I need help with retail bead shop 
I have collected about 5000- or more stone bead strands thinking I would make jewelry with it all, but now I want to see if I have what it takes to start …

Dehliabwitching in getting my handcrafted jewelry business going 
Hi everyone. I am in the process of getting my home based handcrafted jewelry business going. I am so confused. I have been buying material and practicing …

safety in transporting diamonds?? 
I am a sales rep for diamond jewellery and with present high risk situation its very difficult to go out and meet retail clients as we can easily become …

I would like to market my line of ideas 
I have an few ideas for jewelry just not sure where to go who to speak with can you help? Are there reputable websites with real people and not just scams???? …

Does etsy work? 
I've been using Etsy for a while now, but I haven't made any sales. Am I doing something wrong? I've heard the site does well with handmade stuff and I …

I have a jewelry business for dogs. 
I have a jewelry business for dogs. I need help on getting the word out for this unique market. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ritzy Dogs …

Help finding some other ways of promoting my work 
Hi, So i have finally decided to sell my beaded jewelry and i'm not too sure how I am supposed to advertise it. I have made a website which would be awesome …

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jm jewelry originals 
I have only been making handmade jewelry for 2 years. i'm doing ok but I don't want to wait until the fall to sell. How do I go about selling through boutiques …

Corporation Vendor 
How do I get in to selling my jewelry in different corporations, hospitals & nursing homes?

Compete at Craft Shows 
At craft sales, there are so many other vendors selling jewellery. The market is flooded with it, How do I compete.

How can we sell my bracelets? 
We have been designing our own line of bracelets for about 2 years. We use leather, gemstones, wood, paper, and silver among our selection. Nothing plastic. …

Contract & Pricing for Designing  
I have been selling my jewelry for years at craft shows, flea markets, etc. I have recently taken the next step and sold at two International Gift Fairs. …

Starting a home base beading business. 
How do I get started I keep asking myself? I would like to start a beading business online but don't know how to set up a web page/site. Do it cost money …

Handmade Necklaces for Dogs 
Hi, my friend and I recently started to sell handmade necklaces for dogs. They are different than most you see in pet boutiques because we have so many …

Criteria for Participating in a Crafts Show 
I am a new jewelry designer that has gone through all the legal venues and hurdles. I have acquired my trademark, patented status on a versatile jewelry …

Competing with non-handmade jewelry in consignment shop. 
What is a good tip for someone just starting to sell hand-made jewelry in a store where current vendors are competing to sell their antique or non-hand …

Sales Tax 
I am a new jewelry designer and am embarking on my first craft fair this fall. I have a name, logo, packaging and display pieces. I do not know about …

how to price my jewelry properly. 
I have been wanting to setup a business and I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to price my jewelry properly. I make individual pieces, I …

How do I add items from my hobby into inventory for my business? 
I have been accumulating beads, findings, vintage jewelry and more for over ten years, just because I wanted to learn to make jewelry. Now I want to turn …

displaying hand crafted watch bracelets 
is it better to show just a few pieces rather then a lot and what is good way to display watch bracelets

Start home bead business 
i want to start my own bead and jewelery business how do i start in the fist place and i am not perfect in making of the bead. please i need some information …

What is the Best Jewelry Software 
What is the best software to support my home based jewelry business from soup to nuts? I already have a website and my jewelry in a store on consignment. …

start up a business in gemstone bead silver rhotium jewellery  
I am jest starting a business of gemstone bead silver rhotium can you help me and telling me the best way. I am italian and I like to enter in the uk …

Pricing for Teaching Classes,  
I have been asked to teach a few different beading classes at a museum that is currently selling some of my pieces in there gift shop. I have no idea …

Colors for Jewelry Displays and Tables 
please help me i am looking for ideas with color and set up for my jewelry tables. i set up at the flea market. and have jewelry thats hard …

Vendors permit in Ontario, Canada 
There are three level of governments that may affect your home business. The Municipal by-laws should be consulted to ensure there are no restrictions …

Ideas for displays 
I am about to do my second market fair and I have been thinking hard about my stall. I have decided to build "up" - 1.8m x .6m trestle with no walls so …

Jewelry Displays at retail outlets 
I am interested in starting a jewelry business. When talking to a potential customer, do you mostly set up the displays yourself? Are they to be provided …

Selling during slow periods 
My question is how do you sell jewelry during the slow periods? I sell to gift shops and at craft shows leading up to Christmas. My busy times are in the …

Web design necessary? 
Is it necessary to hire a web designer? Are thier cheaper alternatives that will still look pleasant?

Find Unusual Shops to
Sell Your Jewelry
Where's a good place to sell my handmade jewelry? I use only the best beads and my pieces are one of a kind. I sell at the Crafters Market now but I …

Catchy Name For My Jewelry Business 
I am starting a handmade jewelry business. Need a catchy name? I make jewelry with Silver, Copper & Gold wire... I wire wrap gemstones and shells, etc. …

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What the best way to start a jewelry making business? 
I want to start doing a jewelry making business. I'm trying to find the best way to get started. Any information would be greatly appreciated . Any information …

How Do I Find the Best Place to Sell My Jewelry? 
My jewelry features Swarovski crystals, but includes all types of beads and I am looking for the best way or places to sell my jewelry. Answer: …

Do I Need A Business License?  
Benefits of having a business license? How to get one? How to know you need one? How many you need? I want to give private singing lessons, sell handmade …

Retail Business Deductions? 
A partner and myself have begun selling merchandise on Ebay. We run the business out of an apartment. We are not incorporated, so i am wondering.... can …

Registering an Internet Business 
How do I register an internet business with the government? (Canadian gov't)? and after it is registered, where do I go from there? Answer: It …

Where to sell in Portland Oregon 
Hi everyone! I am a local jewelry artist new to the area and was wondering where I could sell my handmade jewelry in the Portland Oregon area. I …

Do I need a vendors license to sell jewelry at flea markets and small shops? 
I would like to sell my handmade jewelry at flea markets and small shops in the area. Do I need to have a vendors license? ANWSER: You probably …

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