Jewelry Price Tags and
Promotional Materials

Discover the importance of jewelry price tags and how the effective
use of promotional materials can help increase sales.

It is important that all you jewelry be tagged and priced clearly. You may lose sales or the customer's interest if they have to ask for the price of your items, usually they figure if there is no price on it then they probably wouldn't be able to afford it anyways.

If you have a limited line of jewelry pieces, you could make up a price list (with no more than 8 to 10 items listed) and display it in a prominent area for everyone to see. But, it is still good for your sales to put a jewelry price tag on each jewelry piece, as some customers may not see your sign.

Make sure you write out your jewelry price tags clearly and large enough for people to see. Stick-on tags are all right for some items but beware that they may leave unsightly spots on certain types of stones, and on some materials may be difficult to remove. It's better to use paper tags, which are attached by string, ribbon, or elastic. Paper tags or hang tags look more professional and you can have them printed yourself with significant details about the product along with your name, address and phone number.

Use little sticky jewelry price tags and stick them to your hang tags..Never write your price on your hang tags, because you want your hang tag to stay with the jewelry piece. If the piece was bought as a gift the purchases will pull off your hang tag with the written price on it, and want that hang tag to go with the piece so the recipient will know your designed and created their beautiful gift.

Showcards, Signs & Hang Tags

Showcards and tags do the talking for a display. They give significant details about the piece such as size, styles, colors, type of beads used, special technique used, what inspired you to design it, etc. Thus, as silent salesmen, showcards answer customers' questions about price, features, types of materials used, or how to care for the product.

Showcards could also explain the process used in producing the item, or the history behind it. You could also use these cards to describe your business or yourself as a creative jewelry designer, informing customers of the unique skills you have, education you've completed specific to your jewelry techniques, or awards you have received pertaining to your jewelry.

Your showcards should look neat and professional. Don't just handscratch them on a piece of paper, this looks sloppy and unprofessional. Make your signs informative, but also short and brief.

Only put down the important factors about your jewelry. If you make them too long people will get bored and won't be interested in reading them. Statistics have shown that the human attention span is approximately 30 seconds before they lose interest and move on.

The main sign that identifies your jewelry making business should look very professional. You could put your creative talents to work and produce a sign in your design techniques or with beads attached.

Make sure that you do no over run your booth with signs and showcards, as it will be too confusing and time consuming for your customers to read them all. Only put out important ones and ones that have significant information.

Promotional Material

As well as your show cards and hang tags you should also have some kind of printed material available for customers to take with them, even if its is only business cards.

It is important to have these available so that customers can find you after the show if they're not ready to buy right then or don't have the money with them. Many jewelry designers find that the interest they generate at a show turns into sales afterwards.

A simple one page flyer or small brochure would be ideal listing your jewelry designs along with prices and any other information that may be of interest such as explaining a unique process used in producing the item, or the history behind it.

It need not be expensive, but your name, address, telephone number, or your email address and of course the fact that you produce jewelry should be included to give the potential customer an idea of who you are and what it is that you do.

Also have available an address book or guest book for compiling mailing lists. Let your customers know of new product lines you will be bringing out or up coming shows you will be attending.

(For more information on how to prepare showcards, jewelry price tags, hangtags and other promotional materials, see Promoting Your Home Based Jewelry Business: the art of GETTING NOTICED.)

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