Juliet DIY Leather Zen Bracelets

by Janet
(Shanghai, China)

Leather Zen Bracelet

Leather Zen Bracelet

Leather Zen Bracelet
Leather hemp woven bracelet
Swirl bead multi strand leather beaded bracelet
Dragonfly and sanskrit multi-strand hemp woven leather zen bracelet

I love things old, things that have lovely soft worn in look to them, as if they were a precious item that had been passed down for generations.

All my jewelry are made from natural material like leather, hemp, wood and stone.

I make pieces that are special to the wearer and that they enjoy wearing all the time.

I have been creating for over 10 years, it's what I love to do. Any day spent in the studio is a great day!

Here is my little luulla shop: www.luulla.com/store/julietdiyjewelry

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