Magazine Submissions for
Beading Projects
and Jewelry Designs

Do you want to write for a magazine or
see your work featured in one?

Magazine submissions is a great way of Getting Noticed by submitting your design ideas as projects or even as a featured article. And as a bonus if your design is accepted, some magazines will pay you anywhere from $50 to $250 for each project. Because all rights to designs are purchased, you should not sell the same design or one very similar to it to another publisher. (At the end of this page you will find a listing of beading magazines, directing you to their submission guidelines.)

What They Are Looking For:

  • Projects

    Original, attractive designs and patterns that readers of all skill levels can follow easily, providing the basics for beginners but challenge the advanced beader with new beading ideas. Projects should begin with ready-made materials or be simple to construct.

  • Technique Articles

    Technique articles that show readers unique uses of materials and techniques or teach them the basics about a technique. They want to know how the technique can be applied to different surfaces and what a beginner needs to know to get started.

  • Features

    To broaden readers’ perspective of their craft, magazines offer features that discuss hot topics beaders are interested in—profiles of bead artists, how and where certain beads are made, bead charities, etc. The sky’s the limit.

  • Idea Galleries

    Galleries inspire readers to explore their creativity. They feature beautiful photographs of finished pieces which may include a 200-300 word description of how the piece was made, the techniques and materials used, along with a little something about the choice of materials. and the designer.

Every magazine has their own set of guidelines for submitting your articles and designs. Due to the number of interested contributors, they probably will not consider any magazine submissions that does not adhere to their guidelines. (At the end of this page you will find a listing of beading magazines, directing you to their submission guidelines.)

When submitting ideas or concepts make sure your writing is clear, readable and no spelling mistakes. Engage the reader. What could be said about the technique or project to excite and inspire?

Some magazines love sidebars that include additional information, such as tips on mistakes to avoid, where you can find unique materials, book or Web site recommendations. Any interesting facts pertaining to the technique or its resurgence

Here is just an example of what some magazine submissions should include (make sure you read the guidelines for the magazine you wish to be published in.)

  • A bio—A 30-word paragraph about you.
  • A photograph of you for their project contributor page.
  • Comprehensible step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations of photographs
  • Clear photo of your jewelry, either digital or print.
  • A supply list that includes retail sources for hard-to-find materials
  • A list of any unusual tools that you used to complete the project.
  • Techniques used to complete the project.


Most editors plan their issues up to a year in advance, so adhere to their deadlines in their magazine submissions if you want your article to be published in a certain issue.

Get a "Feel" for What They Are Looking For

Before you do any magazine submissions read back issues to become familiar with the content, style, and tone before submitting a proposal. Keep in mind that they hardly ever accept articles that have already been published. If any portion of your submission has been published previously, let them know when and where. Also, your submission MUST represent original work. It is both unethical and undesirable to submit a project that you have learned or copied from someone else.

Magazine Submissions for Beading Projects and Jewelry Articles:

Australian Beading
American Sytle
Art Jewelry
Bead & Button
Bead Magazine
Bead Patterns the Magazine
Bead Trends
Bead Unique
Beads etc.
Beads & Beyond
Belle Armoire
Canadian Beading
Creative Beading
Glass Craftsman
Jewelry Artist
Jewelry Crafts
Make It Mine
Polymer Cafe
Step by Step Beads
Step by Step Wire Jewelry

Fire Mountain Gems

Do you ever wonder how jewelry designers get their work advertised by Fire Mountain Gems on the back of all the beading magazines? Through their annual beading contest and the Grand Prize winner receives a $1000 gift certificate.

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Magazine Submissions for Beading Projects and Jewelry Designs

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