Mango Sherbet Cloud of Pearls Bracelet

by Helen K. Passey
(Marysville, WA, USA)

I wanted to create jewelry that was rich looking, full and sensuous with the sheen of pearls and a sparkle of crystals and gemstones and so created this series, called Cloud of Pearls. This bracelet, in shades of mango and carrot shows how the series mixes freshwater pearls of various sizes and shades with Biwa stick pearls, Swarovski crystals and sometimes gemstone chips or other beads. Random mixes of coordinated pearls, crystals and beads are threaded on head pins to create looped elements, which are then strung on wire, clustered thickly between individual stick pearls. I concentrate on less usual colors and carefully mix sizes and shapes, searching out color variations that coordinate but provide enough difference to create depth and richness.

As a designer, I'm a creative adventurer addicted to visual beauty and the acts of visualizing and creating. In addition to designing with pearls, crystals and gemstones, my passions include photography, digital artwork, colored pencil art, and design. I take my inspiration from nature, and I love the soft glow of pearls and their smooth feel against my skin, and find few things more sensuously satisfying than simply running my fingers through a bowl of pearls and listening to them whisper against each other.

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