Step 4
Investigate and Plan
Monetization Options

Before you actually start building your site it is a good idea to investigate and plan monetization options.

You're almost ready to finalize a domain name and then start building! You have identified your best Site Concept. You have brainstormed it extensively, and then pruned and sorted your keywords into a 3-TIER blueprint.

Before you actually start building your site it is a good idea to investigate and plan monetization options.

Remember in Step 1 we discussed CTPM process, please also remember that the M comes last! The reason we are planning it now before you start writing great keyword-focused content pages is so that will you will have a better understanding of how you can monetize from each page.

Think about potential income streams, monetization models, NOW. You won't start them all at the same time, of course. But you must...

  • be able to identify enough good monetization models to know that your successful C T P site is going to have several ways to convert PREsold traffic into dollars.
  • Find those monetization options now and understand how they will "fit" with your Site Concept, before you commit to your domain name.

Make every visitor to your website contribute to your bottom line. If they don't want to buy something, they'll submit a lead via a form. Or they'll click on an AdSense ad. Or they'll click on a contextual text link that recommends the affiliate product of a related merchant (weave affiliate links naturally and smoothly into your content). Or they click on an affiliate e-book or maybe your own e-book. Or if you have set up an Etsy or Ebay shop they may click on a link directing them straight to the product or jewelry piece that you want to promote and sell.

Different Ways to Make Money from Your Website

Investigate and Plan Monetization Options
Here are some ways that you could potentially monetize visitors interested in your niche:


Registering for the Google AdSense Program is a low-maintenance way to prime your monetization pump. Once you have money coming in, you can begin to diversify your income generation by slowly integrating additional streams of revenue. Click here for more detailed information on how to Make Money With Google Adsense

Affiliate Programs

You can easily earn money from your site, by joining affiliate programs that are related to your topic. Any time a referral from your site results in a sale, the company will pay you a commission for any product sold as a result of your site's recommendation. Click here for more detailed information on How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Selling E-goods

If you can digitize it, you can sell it. Selling e-books, how-to videos, digital photo collections, MP3s, or software takes the Internet beyond a communications medium.

When you sell e-goods, the Net becomes a frictionless, automated distribution channel. No products to handle. No boxes to pack. No courier to ship.

It's e-commerce at its most efficient!

Low overheads and no stock to carry. These are just 2 reasons that make e-goods an ideal monetization model. E-goods are not limited to e-books -- for example, you'll also see how you can use video to generate revenue. Click here to find how you can create and sell your own e-goods.

Selling Through Etsy or eBay

Do you want to sell your jewelry online but without all the hassles of setting up a shopping cart and processing payments? A lot of people make money on the internet by opening up an Etsy shop or eBay auction site and sell their handmade jewelry pieces or even jewelry making supplies from their home.

With this monetization options, no website is needed. All you need to do is sign up for an Etsy or eBay account and go from there. But having a great keyword-focused content site will not only generate lots of traffic that you can warm up to and pre-sell with all the free and interesting information you are sharing, you can re-direct or refer them to your Etsy or Ebay site.

I won't even pretend to be an expert on this subject. I'm an affiliate marketer at heart so I'll let the Etsy and eBay experts have this one.

Speaking of experts, Cheryl Coccaro wrote an e-book on how to sell on the internet through Etsy and eBay. She explains how Etsy and eBay are easy online businesses you can start almost overnight, without any major investments.

You may find this book useful if you plan to sell your products through a 3rd party e-commerce store front. Nothing like learning from someone who has actually been there, done that.

No other business gives you more flexibility -- personal and business-wise -- than a Net auction business does! Check out this FREE ebook, a comprehensive "master’s course" about eBay selling. You can download it to read immediately. Make Your Net Auction Sell!

Existing E-Commerce Site

Do you have an (unshopped) e-commerce site? Discover how you can funnel your key-word focused content site’s targeted PREsold traffic to your existing online store -- motivated, interested buyers will drive your sales. Funnel Traffic to Your Existing E-commerce Site.

Expand Your Local Offline Business

Use your Web site as an extension of your offline business, and increase your customer base. More and more, your potential clients are forsaking those heavy Yellow Pages paper books for Google and other engines. It's easy and fast to do a search for "jewelry supplies El Cajun" -- and if you don't find one in the town of El Cajun, widen the search to "jewelry supplies California" -- try widening your search with Yellow Pages!

And it's not just the clients. Faster and faster, local businesses are coming online. They are using the Net to... build trust and deepen relationships with existing local customers by providing friendly, personal information about the business, great content (ex., valuable "do-it-yourself" articles), "web site only" specials, etc. (but this is only the first and most obvious step)

  • raise their local profile above that of competitors
  • promote locally and take customers from competitors
  • continue to stay "top-of-mind" and deepen relationships with customers through an e-zine (and build sales)
  • build targeted traffic to find new customers, even add entirely new income streams (ex., as a bead store, your articles on how to make a freeform peyote bracelet not only endear you to local customers, but will attract global ones too -- you can monetize this traffic through Google AdSense ads and affiliate programs)
  • leverage their local expertise and knowledge for global clients, selling their goods online, even through online auctions.

It's time -- develop a solid Web presence, generate targeted traffic, build loyalty through a newsletter for customers, get the edge on local competition, and add new income streams. How do you do that? Read this article on "How Can the World Wide Web Help My Local Business Which Has Local Clients??" (monetization options)

Become an Infopreneur

No product or service to sell? No problem. You can generate online income by taking what you know and love about a specific subject (based on your hobby, job, pastime, previous experience, etc.) and build a theme-based content site around it.

The Net, after all, is known as the Information Highway. More and more people are going online to find information and solutions for their needs or wishes, and are bypassing offline tools like the Yellow Pages. For the most part, these searchers do not have the name of a particular company in mind. They are just looking for credible, relevant and quality information that will lead them confidently to the right solution.

You can build a business around being the expert information-provider for your particular niche.

Click here to find out out how easy it is to become an information publisher... an infopreneur!

Use Your Skills and Expertise as a Service Business

By services, don't necessarily think of Net-related services like programming or Web design. You could be...

  • a landscape designer

  • a metalsmith artist

  • a jewelry designer

  • an expert lampworker

  • an import/export specialist

  • an accountant with special knowledge of tax havens

  • a copywriter

  • a trainer (of just about anything!)

The possibilities are endless. And whether your clients are "local" (ex., a fitness trainer) or "global" (someone who indexes books) in nature, the Service Sellers Masters Course shows you how to use the Net to build a client base in a fast, cost-effective way.

Learn how to use your quality content to build credibility and make your visitors want to contact you about a contract or commission. Download Free Service Sellers Masters Course.

The Power of PREselling

To better understand how PREselling is the key to any successful business, check out this very informative video series on The Power of PREselling

Remember The M Comes Last

Start at the beginning... CONTENT.

Do not start at the end... MONETIZATION.

So many people spend time and energy setting up a shopping cart and a merchant account or some other way of "collecting the money." That's putting the (shopping) cart before the e-horse of PREsold traffic.

MONETIZATION comes last... it's the final result of doing everything else (C T P) correctly.

The easiest part of any small business site is mixing-and-matching the most appropriate blend of Monetization models into your traffic-generating site.

The key is to eliminate "offline thinking." Recognize the fundamental reality of how people use the Web. Online, people look for Content.Start there. Deliver Content, which builds Traffic, which is PREsold. Then and only then, are you ready to Monetize.

Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

Recommended Reading

Check out these FREE eBooks from Sitesell and see how you can turn your e-Business into success.

I promise you. These are not some cheesy, info-products that show you how to make money overnight.  There's no such thing as "fast cash" and that's not what these eBooks are about.

They are all very well-written tutorials jam-packed with solid, detailed information that will show you how to profit from your website by showing you how to write to communicate!

After you read these FREE ebooks you will find that everything you write will be more effective

Knowledge is power...
Power to boost income

Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

The Affiliate Masters Course

This complete, resource guide focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It pulls no punches, it holds nothing back. It leads you step by step through a flawless process...

    ... from developing a site concept

    ... to brainstorming hundreds of profitable, related keywords

    ... to building that themed site full of money-earning keyword-focused content pages

    ... to attracting targeted, motivated traffic that clicks on your recommendations, and buys from the merchants you represent.

Click Here to Download FREE - The Affiliates Masters Course.

Make Your Content PREsell! (MYCPS!)

This book will not teach you how to write "riveting, hypnotic, irresistible" or any other kind of sales copy. It does not even contain any "money-making marketing secrets" that will "multiply your sales 100-fold... tomorrow!" Nor is there any "hot niche" nonsense in it.

MYCPS! is "the anti-hype." Calmly, it shows you how to write about what you know and love. You will understand how to profit from it fairly, full-value for the money you earn.

This book shows you how to establish your voice, your Valuable PREselling Proposition and how to create a site that sparks. It teaches you how to write to communicate!

Click here to start reading MYCPS! today. New Edition! Completely updated, including a special section on social media.

Netwriting Masters Course

Want to sell more on the Net? Write better. The power is in your words!

Before you write to sell, take an order, clear a credit card and ship a product...

You need traffic. PREsold traffic.

And sales copy does not do that.

That is why effective Netwriting is really a two-step process... PREsell, then SELL. And that requires two different kinds of writing...

    1) Write to PREsell.

    2) Then, and only then, write to SELL.

Click Here to Download FREE - Netwriting Masters Course

Make Your Words Sell!

The Simple Art of e-Persuasion

Words sell. And great words sell a lot.

Click here to start reading Make Your Words Sell.

WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course

The perfect solution for Work-at-Home Moms (WAHMs)...

Be there for your kids and build a real business, doing something you love.

For more information on this valuable (and free) PDF course, please click here. for more monetization options.

Already Have A Website You Like But It's Not Attracting Traffic?

If you're like many people, one of the following applies to you and the Web...

  • You don't have the time to learn how to build a Website.
  • You don't know how to set up the best Website for your needs.
  • You have a Website, but it's embarrassing and set up in the wrong way.
  • You have a sharp-looking Website, but no traffic.

Then let SiteSell’s trained experts build your SBI! Site...

They Build Websites That Actually Work!

Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

Ready to Start Your Site?

Before you actually start building your site you should have by now developed your site concept, researched great keywords to write content about, built your site structure, and finally investigated and planned your monetization options.

What’s next? ...

Learn how to register your domain name - the first step to building a website.

Solo Build It!Investigate and Plan Monetization Options Investigate and Plan Monetization Options Investigate and Plan Monetization Options

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