Monetization: How To Make
Money With A Web Site

SBI! showed me how to make money with my web site. They taught me that the M in C T P M is where it all pays off.

In one sense, every SBI! module is a Monetization module. Brainstorm It! (telling me the most profitable keywords literally points me to "where the money is"), Search It! (among its 100+ searches are monetization ones -- ex., find affiliate programs in my niche) and Form Build It! (which visitors can use to subscribe to my newsletter) are just three examples.

The SBI! modules all lead to the same goal, a profitable business. But that is just the beginning.

Here are the next 8 Reasons Why I Love SBI!:

56. Private Monetization Headquarters

A smorgasbord of ways to monetize my presold traffic.

Most small business Web sites fail because they do not draw traffic. SBI! owners, though, create Top 3% traffic sites (my site is in the top 1%). And the private Monetization HQ is the world-class resource that shows me and other SBI! owners how to convert all those visitors into dollars.

Constantly updated, it explains the "how-to" of every monetization model possible, enabling me to maximize per-visitor income by establishing and growing multiple streams of income.

The following illustration is just the Table of Contents, there are literally 100’s of articles (beyond the step-by-step Action Guide and Integrated On-line Help) giving me tips, techniques, ideas, advice, and how-to info. Anything I want to know about making money from/with my website!

57. Monetize It!

Monetize It! is a revolution in monetizing. This is not one module. It's three...

  1. Content-Building identifies new, high-profit information opportunities within my site's theme.
  2. Ad-Selling helps me maximize my ad income.
  3. PPC-Buying is the ultimate in cost-effective PPC buying (although like most SBI! owners I sell ads -- I don’t need to buy them).

No other software does so much at any price... all at no added cost.Monetize It! helps me choose the best monetization options for my site concept. Creating a diverse monetization mix helps me maximize my site's profitability and ensure long-term growth.

58. Infin It!

Infin It! truly adds near infinite options by enabling you to plug third party resources into special areas ("subdomains") of your SBI! site. Whatever you want, you can do, from the C to the M of C T P M.

Use it to amplify the C of C T P M with more Content (ex., blogs or forums or wikis or video or directories, etc.). Or harness that motor (i.e., get more M dollars out of it!) by plugging more and more Monetization models (ex., stores/shopping carts, membership sites) into your SBI! site.

Infin It! enables you to plug third party resources into your SBI! site. You can add forums, shopping carts, datafeeds, blogs and other server-side functionality. Infin It! brings you an SBI! site with no limits.

Infin It! allows you to add functionality to your site by creating a subdomain and then “mapping” it to a third-party provider for blogging, shopping carts, forums, and so forth. Both humans and search engines consider this as being part of your master domain, because it is!

And it’s easy. All you need to do is create and name a subdomain, map its “CNAME” to the provider you have selected, and optionally add a NavBar button and/or a Table of Contents link and subdomain description.

59. Tracker Library

The Tracker Library is composed of URLs that link IN to my site. These links start from off my site and send a surfer to my site. This is the exact opposite of the Link Library, which has URLs heading OUT of my site (in addition to internal links from page to page on my site).

The Tracker Library enables me to track Click INs.

60. SBI! Made for Adsense

AdSense definitely works, and I receive the checks every month to prove it, but you have to learn how to work the program and it all starts with how much traffic you have.

Remember, without traffic, you won't make any money with AdSense.  That's why having a host like SBI is so important. 

I highly recommend using SBI -- especially if you plan on building a site specifically to earn money from AdSense.  It is the kind of host that stands for everything AdSense is about -- rewarding website owners for building an abundance of useful content.

Even though the two companies are not related, it really is the perfect marriage between a great concept like AdSense and a web host that is dedicated to showing you how to make money by simply providing information. learn more about why Site Build It! is such a great fit for AdSense.

AdSense It! (for Content 2.0)

Content 2.0 turns any page into an irresistible invitation for visitors to want to write for me. AdSense It! takes every Content 2.0 page submission and places 0-3 AdSense ads, varying in size and location according to how "aggressive" I want SBI! to be.

This intelligent module maximizes income, delivering a near infinite number of placements, even varying the presentation of ads according to length of the initial page (written by my visitor).

The secret? A complex algorithm drives the placement of ads, using Google's and experts' advice on how to maximize income (within my own comfort level of how aggressive I want to be). AdSense It! is true set-it-and-forget-it monetization on my site!

Click here for more information about Content 2.0 and how it turns SBI! into SBI! 2.0 at no extra cost.

61. Affiliate Marketing

The revenue from affiliate programs is one of the most effortless ways I earn money from my site, and SBI! showed me step-by-step how to do it!

They even have a FREE affiliate marketing e-book that anyone can download and learn how to become an affiliate marketer. This complete, resource guide focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It pulls no punches, it holds nothing back. It leads you step by step through a flawless process...

    ... from developing a site concept

    ... to brainstorming hundreds of profitable, related keywords

    ... to building that themed site full of money-earning keyword-focused content pages

    ... to attracting targeted, motivated traffic that clicks on your recommendations, and buys from the merchants you represent.

62. 5 Pillar Affiliate Club

As an Affiliate Marketer I am also an affiliate of SiteSell’s 5 Pillar Club where I earn $75 for each Site Build It! ("SBI!") yearly subscription and $150-$250 for each SBI!-based SiteSell Services package. Wow, no wonder they call the best affiliate program on the net!

You don’t have to own SBI! to become an affiliate. Anyone can join up and promote SBI!

When you become an SBI! affiliate, they help you to succeed by providing several SiteSell resources (5 Pillar Program Video Tour, Orientation Guide, Quick Start Guide, and 5 Pillar Marketing Guide) and access to the extensive Promotion Center where you are provided with simple-to-use tools, strategies, and advice to help you succeed... both online and off.

There's no other affiliate program on the planet with the kind of proprietary technology, generous commissions, and OVERdelivering products that SiteSell offers.

And if you are new to affiliate programs, and not sure where to begin, or you have not been successful with other programs despite best efforts, then check out SiteSell's 6th Pillar Program where they share six practical and proven action steps to get you started.

63. Any Type of Business Can Make Money and Benefit From SBI!

As the Net matures, more and more people are going online in search of the perfect online business opportunity. Anyone, no matter who you are or what your speciality is can benefit and monetize with SBI! From Work-At-Home-Moms to people who love to Travel to Webmasters, you name it -- there's a business for everyone!

There Are Still More Reasons Why I Love SBI!

The next 12 reasons I Love SBI! is because of all the Guidance and Support they provide plus tools to help me find information quickly and easily.

Why Do I Love SBI!?

Reasons 1 - 17 = Perfect Preparation
Reasons 18 - 27 = SBI! Help Me Build & Host My Website
Reasons 28 - 36 = Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding
Reasons 37 - 46 = Traffic-Building System
Reasons 47 - 55 = Trust-Building Tools
Reasons 56 - 63 = Monetization
Reasons 64 - 75 = Guidance & Support
Reasons 76 - 85 = SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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85 Reasons Why I Love SBI!
Here I explain in detail the 85 Reasons WHY I Love SBI! and how it has helped me to rank in the top 1% of over 100 million websites on the Net.

Reasons 1 - 17
Perfect Preparation

Reasons 18 - 27
SBI! Help Me Build & Host My Website

Reasons 28 - 36
Simple Block-by-Block SiteBuilding

Reasons 37 - 46
Traffic-Building System

Reasons 47 - 55
Trust-Building Tools

Reasons 56 - 63

Reasons 64 - 75
Guidance & Support

Reasons 76 - 85
SiteSell Shares Lots of Their Tips & Techniques For FREE

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