Multi-Strand Gypsy Necklace

by Gloria-Jean Browne
(Muskoka, Canada)

Layers of beads mixed with chains, fibers, and ribbons were used to create this sensational multi-strand Gypsy Necklace. This is a great project for recycling outdated or broken jewelry. As well as all the fibers and beaded strands (that I strung) I also used 4 old necklaces that I found in my stash of old junk jewelry. The one with the large focal beads is made from bone. I also consider this a multi-media necklace because of the different materials in the strands used.

To start the necklace I used a 4 inch piece of 20 gauge wire and made a small loop on one end and attached the chains and beaded strands to this loop, then I collected all my fibers together trimming them about 3/4 inch above the loop. Next I used another piece of fine wire and wrapped it around the fibers and the first wire above the loop, (I had to do this because the beads and chains were too bulky to fit in the end cap) then added some glue just to ensure none of the fibers slip out. Before the glue dried I slipped a large necklace end cap over the wire wrapped part (with the first wire sticking straight up through the hole) made another loop, trimmed the left over wire and attached one end of the clasp.

Next, I divided all my strands into 3 different sections and loosely braided them to the desired length. Then finished it off the same way I started.

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