Create a Name Recognition for
Your Jewelry Business

A great way to create a name recognition is to develop
a personal publicity campaign

The more people read about you and your products the more they will recognize your name the next time they see your work displayed at a craft show or in a gift shop.

So it's important to not just sell your products, but sell your name and your image. Once people know and accept you, they'll also accept your products and/or services.

A personal publicity campaign is nothing more than exploring ways to keep your name and face before your potential customers all year long by showing your professional competence, growth, creative skills, accomplishments, and community spirit.

Name recognition is a must in any business—no one is going to know you exist if they do not know your name. So it is important that you capitalize on everything you do to get your name known.

If you really feel that you don't have an angle or exciting story to tell, then create one. Find different ways to become involved, and think of unique and informative things to talk about or give advice on.

Here are a few publicity tips to help get your name recognized:

  • Make something that is different and unique.
  • Offer yourself as an "Expert resource." Here are a few examples:
    • Offer tips on using different jewelry components and/or tools for a variety of different projects.
    • Submit a letter to the editor on how to find jewelry that fits or offer other jewelry safety tips.
    • Offer tips on how to clean and take care of sterling silver jewelry
    • Write an article on the importance of using lead free jewelry components and why.
    • If your jewelry design has a history or tradition behind it, then write a story on how that tradition started and how it evolved.
    • Give advice on how you can help people with their fashion choices or gift giving dilemma.
  • Donate a piece of work to a local charity, library, hospital, etc. Donating, especially during a fund raising event, will help to keep your name out front. Not only will the event mention about their donors, but you too could also write a small article about why you felt this was a worthy event and why you donated a particular piece to it.
  • Become involved in the community. Taking part in charitable fund raising efforts or other community events and civic groups will also help keep your name in print. The more people read about the different activities you are involved in the more they will recognize your name and know that you are part of the community.
  • Offer "how-to" articles through your local paper to amateur crafters—not your top production items, of course, but other small projects which you can share with their readers.

  • Hold jewelry workshops and seminars. This is an excellent way to gain name recognition by letting people know that you are an expert in your field. Maybe not everyone will want to actually attend your workshops and learn to make what you are teaching, but again, they will read the articles about your classes and you will gain not only further name recognition, but also recognition on being an expert in your field.
  • Hold an open house. Invite the public to come out and see what you do, how you do it, and what you have to offer. By opening your doors and welcoming people in makes them feel welcomed into a part of your life—not to mention a good excuse to have a story written about you, complete with photos of your work and studio.
  • Display your work in an exhibit or at a craft show and write an article or press release to let the public know that you will be there along with the dates and location. Sure there maybe over 150 people displaying in the same craft show, but that's okay, it is an event that you are involved in and when people see you and your work they will recognize you from the article in the paper. They will feel that you must have a worthy product because of all these people in the craft show you were mentioned in the paper—they will then be more apt to buy.

  • If there is a special event or holiday coming up, make something that will "tie in" with it. For example, for Secretary's Week, offer special gifts that a boss could purchase for their secretary, then submit an article to remind everyone about Secretary's Week and why they should show their appreciation to their secretaries. Or, if you make a line awareness jewelry and Breast Cancer month is coming, write an article on how awareness jewelry has given one (or more) breast cancer survivors (or their family) comfort, then describe the different colors, beads, and styles of jewelry that you produce.
  • Display your work in public places. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain exposure and promote your work to hundreds even thousands of people daily. Attach a small sign describing the work and yourself, informing people where they could purchase the piece or other work you have done. Maybe you could even leave business cards, pamphlets or brochures with the displayed work.
  • Enter different competitions and challenges. Each competition or award that you win, write up an article about it, along with a picture of the winning piece. Let people know that you produce "award winning" products.

As you can see there are many ways to create a name recognition for yourself. You know your jewelry, your designs, unique techniques used, what inspired you to create them, etc., every action has a story or purpose. Brainstorm or read other articles of interest and see how you can put a spin on your products to write a story about them. P>

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